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Product Code: PS1240

  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Digital Dash
  • Automatic folding
  • 24.6kg without battery
  • Extra long backrest for additional Comfort
  • 12 months warranty
  • Free Roadside 12-month roadside assistance. find out more
  • in-home servicing, repairs and demo's available
  • NDIS registered


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  • Solax Charge lightweight travel scooter


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ISO Certification

13485:2016, 10993-1 :2009

Adjustable Seat Height


Adjustable Tiller Angle


Adjustable Tiller Height

Yes 430mm - 710mm

Anti-Tip Mechanism

Rear Anti-Tip Wheels




24V/10ah x 1 (Lithium)

Battery Range

Up to 15km

Battery Weight



24 V 2Ah Off-Board Lithium


1040 x 560 x 830

Dimensions when folded

450 x 560 x 650

Distance between armrests


Drive Wheel


Front Wheel


Ground Clearance



Yes - Front

Maximum Speed



Optional Extra



Number of Components

1 + Battery

Seat Dimensions

430mm x 340mm

Seat height from Deck


Seat height from Floor


Seat Padding


Slope ability



Rear Suspension

Swivel Seat


Turning Radius



Solid Puncture-Proof

Weight Capacity


Weight with Battery


Weight without Battery


Product Description

The Solax Charge combines all the latest technology in an automatic folding scooter.


Like all automatic folding scooters in the Solax range, the charge offers 3 different folding options providing flexibility for every situation. Choose from


1. Automatic Fold via remote control The handy remote comes attached to the ignition key of the scooter, ensuring it's always close by when you need it. 


2. Automatic fold via in-build buttons A great option for those that don't like the bulk that the remote control adds to their keys, but also a precaution, in case your remote runs out of battery. Allowing you to still fold the scooter easily. Unlike the Solax Genie or Solax Transformer, the folding buttons have been integrated into the dash, allowing you to fold the scooter easily while standing up.


3. Manual Fold


This is a must for every folding travel-scooter. The scooter and it's folding mechanism is powered by the lightweight lithium battery stored in the footplate of the scooter. Meaning that if you run out of battery your scooter won't fold/unfold. You may also be required to remove the battery pack from your Solax portable scooter for travel, requiring you to be able to fold the scooter without the use of the battery.

Adjustable Rear Suspension

Most travel-scooters come with solid-puncture proof tyres, to guard against puncture while travelling. However the lack of pneumatic tyres also results in a harder ride, especially if the footpaths aren't well maintained. That is why both the Solax Charge and Solax Transformer Soft-tail come with rear-suspension. The Solax Charge is however the only travel scooter with an adjustable rear-suspension system.

Re-designed dash

Solax has been manufacturing scooters for over 20 years and continuousely worked on adding the newest technology to the new models of scooters. The Solax Charge is the first Solax scooter with a re-designed dash.


USB Charging Port

Located toward the centre of the dash this handy feature allows you to charge your mobile phone or tablet while your on the go. Perfect for holidays, where you may be out and about on your scooter all day and taking lots of pictures and videos.


Easy Access Charging Socket All Other Solax portable scooters have their charging points located at the back of the scooter just above the wheels. Now the charging socket is located in the centre of the dash for easier accessibility and less bending. A rubber flap protects both the USB and Charging socket from dirt and moisture

 Automatic fold/unfold

 As mentioned above, unlike the Genie and Transformer the Charge has the automatic fold/unfold buttons within easy reach on the dash of the scooter, located just under the digital display 

Digital Display

The digital display, so far only available on the Solax Maleta. It displays the current battery level, travel speed, as well as a trip meter. Please note the trip meter will reset everytime you turn the scooter off.

Light Switch

The light switch is located on the left hand side and within easy reach


Your solax scooter comes with a keyed ignition for additional safety and two keys.


Every Solax scooter is equipped with a horn

Speed control dial

The dial design allows for speed adjustments during travel. In combination with the digital dash, it's easy to adjust the scooter to suit the current surrounds and conditions.

Delta Handlebar with control levers

Every mobility scooter is controlled by pulling or pushing the control levers and turning the handlebars toward the direction you would like to travel. The delta handle bar fully encloses the levers, securing them from unintential bumps and also allow for multiple grip positions and one handed operation of the travel scooter.

Re-designed seat with a higher backrest and armrests

The re-designed seat features a fully enclosed backrest with more lumbar support than other travel scooters. The armrests have been raised for more upper-body support and fully swing away for easy entering and exiting of the scooter

Re-designed carry handle

Under the seat is a carry handle, which allows for a better grip when lifting the scooter in/out of the car. This handle also allows for easy hook attachments for a variety of hoist systems, such as our LM Hoist

Easy to remove Lithium Battery

The travel scooter comes standard with an easy-to-remove and plane-safe Lithium Battery. You will be supplied with an MSDS Certificate for the Battery of your scooter, which you may be required to forward to the airline prior to travel. In case you mis-place this certificate, you can download it from the download section below.

Seat Safety Sensor

The seat safety sensor is located under the seat-cushion. It function is to protect the folding mechanism of the scooter by over-riding the fold function if a weight is detetected on the seat.
 Head light For extra visibility and safety in low light conditions the Solax Charge comes with a headlight, which can easily be switched on/off using the switch on the dash.   

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