Motobility Configura Comfort Chair

The only chair whereby size, pressure & postural support can be adapted quickly and effectively.

As the name suggests, this rise-and-recliner is designed to be easily configurable to suit a number of different needs.

Unlike other chairs, the Configura range of chairs comes with a number of different "accessories," which, when fitted, fully transform the chair into a customised product.

The accessories can be changed and amended at any given time to suit a customer's changing needs. Thanks to the corded handset and transfer aid compatible base, the design allows for easy operation. These accessories include- A seat depth adjustment kit- Seat height adjustment kit- Access to several pressure-reducing cushions, including an air cushion or memory foam cushion, or opt for an Integrated self-supply, allowing you to utilise an existing pressure cushion. -

3 different types of backrests to offer lateral supports, plus the standard 3 roll waterfall backrest- Seat width adjustability kit- Adjustable legrest length- Adjustable rise height (2 degrees to 23 degrees)While our product consultants are fully trained, we recommend you speak to a healthcare professional, such as an Occupational Therapist, before making a decission.The Configura chair comes in two standard colours, black and tan, in an easy-care vinyl.

The Configura Comfort chair is appropriate for: Users at risk of pressure damageUsers with current pressure damage (subject to professional assessment)Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant usersAccommodation and encouragement of good postureUsers with Neurological conditionsUsers with a KyphosisUsers with oedematous legs and/or fluid build-up.

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