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Stairlifts are the safe alternative to climbing stairs and can easily be retro-fitted into most homes. There are different designs and options to suit a wide variety of staircases, including indoor, outdoor, curved, straight and narrow stairs.

Furthermore, stairlifts get installed directly to the stairs, not the walls, making it an easy non-damaging installation process.

Choosing the right chairlift depends on many different factors and can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t despair, by asking you a few simple questions we can quickly narrow down, which stairlift option would be the most appropriate for your stairs, from this point we can further narrow down the possibilities by listening to your primary concerns, requirements and wants.

Some factors that may impact the choice of stairlift based on your stairs are

  • Straight or curved stairs
    As a general rule of thumb, a straight staircase provides the most straightforward and most cost-efficient option for a stair-lift installation. If you have a landing or a curve in your staircase, you will require a curved stairlift
  • Narrow stairs
    If your stairs are particularly tight, you may need to consider a perch style lift or the Oto Air which automatically rotates the seat and your knees away from any corners while moving up the stairs
  • Outdoor Stairs
    Are your stairs located outdoors? Make sure you install a chair-lift that has specifically been designed for the outdoors, to ensure it can withstand the elements in the years to come. Our current outdoor options can be viewed here.

Based on the above, we should be able to narrow down the selection for you substantially, while some factors we won’t be able to account for until we have viewed your staircase, such as any obstacles or doorways that may interfere.

The next step is to further zone in on the best solution by considering your needs and wants

  • Dexterity of hands
    If you suffer from arthritis or have reduced dexterity in your hands, you may require options such as automatic swivelling chairs, which means that the chair will automatically face the right direction when it has reached its destination. As using a manual lever under the seat to swivel, the chair may be too difficult.
  • Trouble rising after sitting
    Most stairlifts will allow you to adjust the seat height to the optimum height for you during the installation process. However if you find it difficult to stand-up or lower yourself to a seated position, a perch option may be a right solution, or you could consider a chair with a rising function, which allows you to rise higher to assist you in getting in and out of the chair. This function is also a great option if there is more than one stairlift user, and if the users aren’t of the same or similar height. Find out more about this Chairlift option here

While there are many more factors that will ultimately influence your choice, the above will give us a good idea of what products would be best for you. Across our entire range of curved stairlifts, straight chairlifts, outdoor lifts, one-rail lift options and two rail stair-lifts we offer many options to ensure the stairlift fits your décor, such as different colours and material of upholstery and finishings on the rails/rails.

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