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Adjustable Electric Beds

For many people, being comfortable and getting a good night’s rest is a challenge.  An electric adjustable bed from Motobility could be just the answer!

With our custom-made adjustable electric beds, you can configure the mattress and the bed to your own specific needs. This can mean relief from many health issues ranging from snoring to joint pain for the elderly. Having the ability to reposition and adjust your legs and back can go a long way to giving respite from pain pressure and circulation problems.

Come into our showroom for a demo on any of our range of adjustable beds, frames and mattresses. We can cater to anyone, including adjustable beds for seniors and the elderly. Motobility is NDIS Approved Provider. Contact us today or pop in to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

About electric Beds

We have an extensive range of adjustable beds available and have the look and feel of a sophisticated ensemble but with all the benefits and ease of a hospital bed.

We custom make all beds on-site here in Perth, at our Osborne Park premises, using high-grade carbon steel frames, made with higher density steel than many others on the market for superior strength and longevity.

The motors are manufactured in Germany to hospital standards. This means they are sealed against dust and water, and for your safety, protected by a thermal overload switch. Based on your personal needs, we can fit different motor options, including Back-lift, Leg-lift and Massage. Motobility can cater for all size regular bed sizes as well as custom sizes you can rest easy with all products including a five-year warranty.


Because all our adjustable beds are made to order, you can choose which features you would like and which aren’t required. This is the best way to ensure that you pay for only what you want and need. If you choose to add any functions to your bed at a later stage that isn’t a problem at all as we can easily retro-fit any of the functions to your existing Bodyline bed.

The feature available are:

Head Lift

As the name suggests, this function lifts the upper-end of the electric-bed up. Using this function, you can raise your backrest to comfortably watch TV, eat or bring it to the fully upright position (just shy of 90%) to make it easier to get in/out of bed.

Leg Lift with a knee break

This function will bring you that much-loved leg elevation. Lifting from the knee, not the fee (knee break) means a more comfortable and natural angle. Apart from the comfort of having legs elevated, it can also assist with increasing circulation and reduction of swelling. Ensure you have your legs all the way lowered when entering and exiting the bed, having the legs elevated will make the process more difficult and strenuous


This is a horizontal lifting function and is mainly used for two different reasons.

  • If you are receiving assistance from Silver Chain Nurses or other support services where you are being attended to in bed, such as wound care, it’s an occupational health and safety requirement to protect the staff caring for you. Having the bed elevated to a safe working height significantly reduces the risk of injury to your carer.
  • Assistance in entering/exiting the bed. If you are struggling to stand up from being seated on the edge of the bed, you can use this function to lift yourself to a “perched” position, similar to the movement of a lift and recline chair, from which it is considerably easier to stand up. Some points that need to be kept in mind are:

a. Ensure your feet are firmly planted on the ground at all times

b. Only lift the bed to a height where you feel comfortable

c. Choose a mattress with a firm edge if you are planning to use this feature for this purpose to avoid the side from collapsing and “sliding” out

d. We recommend having a heavy-duty angled bed rail installed for better grip


This is a very subtle sonic vibration massage. It consists of two units being installed on the underside of the bed base (not in the mattress). You can choose from a range of pre-set massage settings as well as upper and lower body only. The massage turns off automatically after 15min, allowing you to fall asleep with it on, and without having to worry about turning it off.

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