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Motobility are now offering contact free appointments via phone or video to help you find the stairlift you need. If you're stuck inside your house due to the Corona Virus, but you still need a stairlift, then Motobility are here to help. We can assist you with the following during your appointment:

  1. Straight Stairlifts
  2. Curved Stairlifts
  3. Outdoor Stairlifts
  4. Wheelchair Lifts & Lifting Platforms

What software or applications do we use for these appointments?  We use Zoom, Facetime, facebook or What's App. You decide! For more information on how we will conduct your online appointment, check out the blog here, or to book your appointment today, call us on 9242 7333.

Outdoor stairlifts are very popular, as they can mean the difference of being able to check your letterbox, catching public transport, relaxing in your backyard or having a chat to the neighbours, and being stuck inside your home.

Outdoor stairlifts are specially designed for use in outdoor situations, all parts and components, including the seat and rail, are made to withstand the elements.

About Outdoor Stairlifts

We offer solutions for straight and curved outdoor chairlifts, ensuring we will be able to find a solution for your stairs. The stairlifts in this section are not suitable for Wheelchairs, if you are looking for a solution that can carry wheelchairs and their users, please click here

Outdoor chairlifts can be installed anywhere on the exterior of your home. This can be to provide access from the driveway up to the porch or to allow you access to the backyard and washing line. We offer a straight outdoor chair lift from Stannah Lifts and a curved option from Oto Lifts. Just like their indoor models, these are of top quality and designed using the same principles and dedication to safety, usability and reliability.

While the seats lack the upholstered seat cushion, they still offer all the essential safety and comfort features that set these stairlift manufacturers apart from their competitors.

Outdoor stairlift Facts

Because the chair lift will be used outside, it needs to be able to handle a large variety of different weather conditions. Here in Australia, we have to mainly deal with high temperatures in summer and possibly snow in some regions of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Due to these diverse requirements, specialised materials need to be used to protect any vulnerable components from the elements.

Outdoor stairlifts come with a weather protection cover, while it is not necessary to use this at all times, it is recommended to use it as often as possible to offer additional protection. Further, it is advisable to set the chair lift up in a way where it received some cover, while not in use, this could be the roof, carport or any other structure. This will further protect your stair lift and help to keep it running smoother for longer.

Pricing of an outside stair lift is usually slightly dearer than the same inside model. This is because the rails and components require additional coating and treatments to stop them from rusting and stop other heat or water-related damages.

Outside lift installations are very similar to indoor installations. Just like it is the case with indoor lifts, Straight external lifts will be quicker to install than curved outdoor chair lifts. They should only be carried out by qualified and trained technicians and usually take between 2-6 hours depending on the size and style of the chairlift being installed.

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