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Powerchairs or Powered Chairs are the largest product in this Wheelchair category. Our Kymco Powerchairs feature mid-wheel drive features, for best manoeuvrability and most intuitive driving experience. These chairs are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are built to provide a high level of comfort, safety and reliability.

About Powerchairs

Powerchairs were first invented during World War II by a gentleman called George Klein. He worked for the National Research Council in Canada. Since then the rapidly changing technology has changed the original design to more modern chairs. We offer both Captain style seats and Rehab seats to choose from.

The aim of a Powerchair is to provide a transportation alternative for users that require a powered mobility device for use inside the home and for individuals that can’t use scooters, due to mobility restrictions. The technology used in Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs is very similar, hence Kymco also designed Powerchair options for their customers that are based on the same design principles as the well known Kymco Mobility Scooters and Kymco Petrol Scooters.

Some of the main benefits of Powerchairs include:

Mobility in tight spaces

Larger powerchairs are often Mid-wheel drive. Mid-wheel drive chairs offer the tightest turning circle, making them most suitable to use in tight spaces, where you need to maneuver around furniture or other obstacles.

One product for several different situations

Because wheelchairs perform so well indoors, you can use one product for a variety of different situations, eliminating the need to get numerous products for various activities. You will find that most powered chairs are suitable for outdoor use as well, allowing you to use one product around the home as well as run errands and catch public transport. Larger models will have suspension and added padding, similar to a car seat to ensure a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.

Comfort & Support

Powerchairs are available with different types of seats to suit different needs and requirements, you can choose from a “captain style seat”, which is a seat similar to a car seat, that is widely used on mobility scooters. These seats offer contoured backs, headrests, adjustable armrests and backrests. The other option is a more traditional “wheelchair style seat or Rehab seat”, this seat has less padding, but allows for the use of specially made cushions and supports. The seat is very adjustable and offers an optional headrest if required.


While large powerchairs are too heavy to be lifted, they can still be transported in the back of vans, specialized vehicles and wheelchair taxis. Most Powerchairs have been crash tested and approved for use during transport. This required tying the device down, base on the manufacturers instructions to ensure adequate safety while in a vehicle. Just like any passenger in a car, you will be required to wear a seatbelt while in the vehicle.

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