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Electric Lift & Recline Chairs

If it's an electric lift & recline chair that you need, Motobility has you covered. We have been a manufacturer of custom-made electric lift chairs in Perth, since 2001. We recognise that everyone is different, therefore we have a vast range of electric recliner chairs that can be customised to suit your needs.

Motobility offers free demos and training on how to use the Lift & Recline chairs. Schedule a day & time today to discuss with one of our family staff members.

Motobility is also an NDIS Registered Provider, and we offer payment plan options so that you can get that perfect electric recliner chair today.

About Chairs

Our WA custom made chairs are handcrafted to your measurements and requirements. You can customise the shape of your back, seat size and leg length. We also have a vast range of material options that will allow you to design a chair that suits your décor and your personality.


To provide a budget-friendly option to our customers, we also manufacture our brand of lifting chairs overseas. So we now have both options available with either WA made custom range or a ready-made imported range. Here at Motobility, our budget-friendly imported chairs are available in many different sizes, backs, functions and materials, even leather options. The range of chairs we offer all have the lift function, which assists you in standing up, by lifting the chair at an angle to a comfortable and safe perching position.

If it’s space your worried about then the space saver or Wallglider chair is the one for. This chair is effortless to operate with a two-button controller and runs on one motor. The huge advantage of this chair is that you only need clearance of 15cm from the wall to recline to a comfortable position. Unlike other chairs, it will allow you to raise the footrest first, before starting toreclining the backrest. This will let you sit comfortably with your legs raised, while you tune in to your favourite show and enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit or two.


If you like to nap in your chair, then the best option is a two-motor Bed Chair. Just like the name suggests this lift & recliner lets you recline to a horizontal position like a bed. While many healthcare professionals advise against spending extended periods sleeping in a chair, some people like to nap during the day but don’t like the reclined position. The great thing about the bedchair is that the footrest and headrest can be controlled independently from each other. This means you can get to any comfy position you wish and adjust your feet while maintaining the same degree of recline.

Our third type of reclineris a Tilt in Space Chair;this chair is loved by all the Occupational therapists we work with as they are big fans of the footrest being higher than any other lift & recline chair currently available. The elevated leg position allows for increased circulation while keeping you in a seated position as well as when tilted further back. This chair is also slightly different in its design, featuring a higher backrest with more contouring along the sides to increase support, keeping your back straight and provide safety while reclined. We particularly recommend this chair if you find yourself “sliding down” while you are seated and “slouching” to one side.

Unsure which chair offers the right functions for you? Have a look at the below table for a quick comparison of the different functions of our Lift & Recline Chair range


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Custom Bed Quote

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