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Occupational Therapist Directory

Because many funding options require an Allied Healthcare Practition to assist with the application process, we have decided to start to compile a directory, which will allow you to easily locate an Occupational Therapist in your area. This directory includes both Private Practitioners and OT’s working for larger organisations that provide other services.

Here is a bit of information about Occupational Therapists and what they do.

Occupational therapists, short OT’s are qualified health professionals; they work with all people regardless of age and ability. The main aim is to build skills and abilities to perform an everyday task, such as cooking, catching public transport, working, volunteering or attending social events.

The main goal of any occupational therapist is to enable individuals to participate in the occupations/activities of everyday life.

Occupational therapists will work with you to understand your current issues and any factors that may hinder you in performing a particular task or activity. They will assist you in any or all of the below

  • Enhancing or building your life skills and building on existing abilities

  • Adjusting the environment, you perform specific tasks, to make it more suited to your needs

  • Modifying the activity/task itself

OT’s also work with people who live with long-term (chronic) health conditions, such as arthritis, MS, diabetes etc. They specialise in the relationships between our everyday actions, how we perform them and our health, working with us to develop ways to make daily living easier. They do this by

  • Helping you build your knowledge and skills

  • Assisting in finding new ways of doing certain activities

  • Suggesting changes to your environment to suit your needs better.

Occupational therapists can also recommend and prescribe, devices, therapy and equipment to help you perform the activities you want and need to do, such as adjustable beds or electric wheelchairs. They will make sure the device or mobility-equipment is suitable to your needs and that you are using it in a safe manner that suits your needs — allowing you to get a total solution rather than just a product.

If you want to get government funding for mobility equipment, through assistance schemes such as the NDIS, Home Care Packages or Equipment for Living Grant, you will be required to have an Occupational Therapist assess the suitability of the product to your needs and submit a report supporting your application for funding.

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Occupational Therapist Directory

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Occupational Therapist Directory

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