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Vehicle Hoists

Vehicle Hoists or Boot Hoists are installed by certified installers into your car. Motobility is a licensed installer for the AutoChair SmartLifter range of scooter hoists. Made in the UK, these hoists are built to the highest quality standards and come with a 3-year back-to-base manufacturer warranty.

They are available in 3 different sizes, compatible with over 350 different makes and models of cars and will work with most mobility devices, including Large Scooters, Heavy-Duty Powerchairs and portable scooters. 

About AutoChair

AutoChair is located in the UK and has been supplying high-quality mobility solutions since 1983. 

You can rest assured that each scooter hoist has been meticulously designed, engineered and tested to the highest standards in their UK headquarters. The SmartLifter Hoist range offers 3 different products that vary in design and lifting capabilities. 



Every product has been designed with the user in mind. Meaning that they are easy to operate, take up as little room as possible and can be fitted in hundreds of different models and makes of vehicles. This includes station wagons, fourwheeldrives, hatchbacks, vans, sedans and even convertibles. 

Best of all the SmartLifter range of boot hoists is compatible with nearly all mobility devices, allowing for easy 2point or 4point lifting, meaning that you can lift products folded or unfolded. Allowing for effortless loading and unloading of manual wheelchairs, travel scooters, portable scooters, medium and large scooters, electric wheelchairs and powerchairs, weighing up to 200kg.

In order to attach the hoist to your mobility aid, we will fit a lifting bracket/brackets to your mobility device. These vary depending on the type of your product. 

For smaller automatic folding travel scooters, this is usually a bracket that gets attached under the seat of your scooter, allowing you to attach the lifting arm/strap of the scooter hoist when the scooter is fully folded.

For pull-apart style scooters, we fit a Halo bracket to the seat post of your scooter. Unlike the brackets for larger scooters, the Halo bracket is curved, meaning you will still be able to remove the battery pack of your scooter. 

For Medium & Large scooters, we attach a seat-post lifting bracket under the seat of your scooter. These come in different sizes to allow for different seat-post diameters. 

For folding electric wheelchairs we attach two brackets, these get attached to the sidebars that connect your seat to your rear wheels. Meaning that you will be able to easily reach these once the wheelchair is folded

Manual Wheelchairs get lifted using a strap, which attaches to the top of the wheelchair once it is folded

Larger Powerchairs get fitted with 2 or 4 brackets/lifting points to ensure a secure hold on the product. 

During the installation process, our technicians will ensure that your product is perfectly balanced while lifted, minimising swinging or jerking of the product as it gets lifted or lowered



AutoChair is the biggest manufacturer of hoists in the world. Each and every single hoist gets built in their state-of-the-art facility in Alfreton, Derbyshire UK. Products are manufactured using only the very best in materials and modern manufacturing techniques. This allows for attractive, quality products that offer a combination of excellent lifting power, user-friendliness and exceptional reliability. 


Fitted by Experts

AutoChair has strict quality control standards to ensure they only work with the best resellers and distributors. This ensures that you will be taken care of by trained staff from the consultation process through to the installation of the product. 

Motobility Osborne Park and Motobility Mandurah are certified businesses and we have certified installers, meaning that you can rest assured that we take care of your car and your new investment.


Load testing

Unlike other suppliers, AutoChair meticulously tests every single product before it leaves its UK factory. This includes load and motion testing. 

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