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Congratulations, you’ve made the decision, you’ve chosen your new mattress and adjustable bed base and feel like you have ticked all the right boxes for a good nights sleep. However, many people are not aware of what a significant role selecting the right pillow plays. The correct pillow should provide shouldn’t “deflate”, get lumpy and give support to your neck and head.

About Pillows

Having the wrong pillow or one that is too old, can cause tension headaches, neck pain breathing issues, such a snoring, acid reflux and even allergy-related issues due to dust mites

An excellent guideline to choosing the correct pillow is to keep in mind that the softer the mattress is the lower the profile needed for the cushion. This is because the softer mattress will allow our back and shoulder to “sink” deeper into the mattress, decreasing the space between our neck/back and head.

Your sleeping style will also play a significant role in determining the correct sleeping position.

  • Tummy Sleepers
    If you like to lie flat on your stomach a soft pillow that compresses well, such as the King Koil Pocket Spring pillow would be best for you, as it provides support without raising the neck and head too much.
  • Side Sleepers
    If you like to curl up on your side, a slightly higher profile pillow is best. You will also make sure that this pillow is firm, even extra firm, as you want to make sure that your spine is supported well and consistently. For side sleepers, our Glacier Gell Pillow would be suitable.
  • Back sleepers
    If you like to sleep on your back a medium to a firm pillow is recommended, you can choose from contoured and classic shape pillows depending on your preference, consider the 50/50 and Aqua cool pillow. Sleeping on your back is significantly better for your health, and by contouring the adjustable bed to reduce pressure on your hips, you will find it a lot easier to fall asleep on your back, than sleeping on a flat surface.
  • Restless sleepers
    Do you sleep in several different positions and toss and turn to get comfortable? This probably indicates that you have an incorrect mattress and or pillow as your body is trying to find the best position. If you just like different opinions, it’s best to try a soft to a medium pillow so that it can conform to various sleeping positions. Sometimes a contoured pillow can work well as different areas of it provide different heights, which are suitable for different sleeping-positions.

An additional personal choice is the type of filling, there are many available, from cotton, Latex, Memory foam or even with the assisted feature of gel-infusion to help regulate body temperature.

Most importantly, you should look for a pillow that allows for the correct spinal position for your neck and head to remain in the most neutral position, we have our bedding specialists here on site, to check and confirm this while you try our beds.

Caring for your pillow
Just like your mattress, you should ensure you look after your pillow. Motobility recommends the purchase of a pillow protector; these are reasonably inexpensive and available in many stores. You can easily wash the pillow-protector, ensuring you are keeping your pillow clean and away from moisture, such as sweat or wet hair. This will also stop your pillow from staining and yellowing.

If you have a traditional pillow, such as down or cotton, ensure you fluff it up daily to ensure no clumps can form and to kill any dust mites. Depending on your type of pillow, it’s a good idea to wash it on a regular level. Ensure you read carefully through the label, to avoid damaging it. Make sure you keep an eye on your pillow if you notice dents, sagging and lumping your pillow is past its use-by-date and should be replaced.

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