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Electric Mobility Scooters & Gophers

Choose from one of the most extensive ranges of Electric Mobility Scooters available, while knowing that no matter your decision you are buying a reliable, safe, well-designed & manufactured machine!

As part of our ongoing promise to supply quality and dependability, Motobility, previously known as Bluesky Healthcare, only sources its Lightweight, Portable Electric Mobility Scooters & Electric Gophers from well-established and attributable sources, usually dealing direct with the scooter manufacturer. This ensures that we can offer you the best deals and prices on gopher mobility equipment as well as access to parts, but most importantly, can relay feedback to the manufacturers, ensuring a continually improving product.

Our motorised motoscooters & gophers offer quality and mobility freedom as they are a powered wheelchair that offers safety & comfort acting as a power-operated vehicle.
Our Australian Operated and Owned mobility team are proud to stock some of the worlds most innovative and well-designed electric mobility scooters & electric gophers in Australia, lending themselves to portability.
Motobility is an NDIS provider.


Located in Taiwan, Kymco first started manufacturing motors and other components for Honda in 1964, working closely together in manufacturing, research, and development for over 28 years. At this stage, Kymco started to focus more closely on developing and marketing their brand globally, concentrating on 2-wheel petrol scooters, power-operated motorised scooters and motorbikes. With the popularity of electronic products growing, Kymco began manufacturing electric and mobility-scooters in the early 2000s. These qualities and well-designed products took the German and UK market by storm, making Kymco Healthcare the market leader. In late 2016 Motobility (previously Bluesky Healthcare) was awarded National distributorship. Since then, the demand for Kymco mobility products has far surpassed expectations.


Solax first appeared in the market with the release of the Solax Mobie, a folding electric travel-scooter, back in 1996. They are targeting all their research and development on providing a product to fulfil customers' needs by creating a portable yet sturdy and reliable machine. Since 1996 the Mobie has evolved and improved continuously, and the range of products on offer has also increased, focusing on niche products. In 2017 the Solax Predator was first released; in a way, being the polar opposite of the travel-scooters, this all-terrain solution was a complete game-changer in the mobility market. Motobility is proud to call itself the Australian Importer for the Solax range, focusing on a core range of products that have satisfied the highest quality standards.


Manufactured and designed by Advanced Vehicle Concepts, the Quingo scooter range was first introduced to the market in 2007 and stood out from the crowd. Thanks to its patented 5-wheel design, they showcase many unique benefits, with its most groundbreaking model, the Quingo Flyte, taking the recent limelight, being the first self-loading scooter that doesn't require any heavy lifting. The Quintell features to ensure improved comfort due to posture control, stability, and Manoeuvrability thanks to the 5th wheel and the Kerbmaster, which assists in climbing kerbs safely.


The SupaScoota range of portable scooters is Australian-designed and provides an alternative option to folding-scooters. Equipped with pneumatic tyres and more foot room, these scooters can be a great solution. Their largest model also offers portability for up to 200kg user weight, which other models can't provide.
Given our vast selection, it is easy to get confused or overwhelmed. That's why we put together a scooter selection guide — allowing you to determine what scooter is best for you based on your abilities, requirements and intended use.

There are four main categories of gophers

  1. Travel Scooters
  2. Portable Scooters
  3. Medium Scooters
  4. Large / Heavy Duty Scooters

Travel Scooters

These usually come as a standard with a Lithium battery and are approved for air travel. The primary considerations are ease of transportation and weight. Generally speaking, these scooters fold into a neat package for easy transport or are incredibly light and only come apart into 1 or 2 components. While these scooters are great for well-paved footpaths, shopping centres and cruise ships, they are not designed for prolonged and "rougher" outdoor surfaces, such as parks, gravel or cobblestones.

Portable Scooters

Slightly more substantial than the travel-scooters, these are still portable but are designed to be loaded in and out of the boots of cars by dismantling the scooter into numerous components (around 4), which are manageable weight and height. These scooters provide more comfort features, such as larger tyres, lights, suspension, bigger seats etc.

The one exception is the Quingo Flyte, which is a self-loading scooter perfect for taking to the shops without having to worry about doing any lifting.

Medium Scooters

As the name suggests, these scooters are medium in build, designed to be used in outdoor areas, larger shopping centres and supermarkets, and some public transport.

The mid-size mobility-scooter is a great way to get a high level of comfort, safety and visibility while still having an easy-to-manage machine that will fit through doorways without causing any hassle.

Large Scooters / Heavy Duty Scooters

These are the most substantial types of mobility-scooters available. Usually, these scooters are described as "top of the range" as they are packed with all comfort features, the most sophisticated suspension systems, larger tyres and bigger motors/batteries, which provide more power, range and carrying capacity.

These machines have been designed as car replacements for predominantly outdoor use. Some of our customers also use them inside large shopping centres; however, given that they are larger, they can sometimes feel cumbersome in confined spaces.
These scooters are recommended if you want to travel long distances, the battery range is usually between 50km and 80 km, and they have a carrying capacity of 180kg to 225kg. They are also a great solution if you live in an area with large hills.

The Solax Predator is an all-terrain mobility scooter powered by four motors and can handle most terrains. This has been designed for use on properties and isn't suitable for urban use due to its size.

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