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Solax Portable Hoist (without battery)

Product Code: 3906


  • **With battery option available for $1790**
  • Lifts up to 30kg of weight
  • Lockable castors for safe operation
  • Suitable for E-Traveller range and Solax Range
  • Powered by scooter / electric wheelchair battery
  • Collapsible for easy transport in the boot of a car


  • Solax - Hoist - How to operate this portable scooter car hoist and it's main benefits




700 x 850 x 1780

Dimensions when folded

230 x 400 x 700

Heaviest Part



DC 24V

Slope ability

best to use on level ground

Total Height


Total Width




Weight Capacity


Weight without Battery


Total Weight


Total Depth


Total depth - folded


Main Material


Maximum Lift


Product Description

The Solax Hercules Portable Electric Hoist lifts your travel scooter in and out of your car for you. Made from super light telescopic aluminium, this hoist weighs only 9.98 kg which means it can easily be lifted in and out of your car. The hoist is powered by your scooter’s battery, making this accessory easy and portable and removing the need for you to worry about charging it on top of already having to charge you scooter. Under the circumstance that your scooter’s battery is flat, a backup battery can be purchased and stored in your car.

Your Solax Hercules Hoist can lift up to 30 kg. Simply extend the hoist, attach the ribbon to your scooter, plug in the power cable and remove your scooter from the boot of your car with just the flick of a switch. No more straining your back and ruining your day by trying to remove your scooter from your car.


  • Super light weight weighing just 13 kg
  • Lifts up to 30 kg
  • Fits into the boot of your car
  • Strap holds hoist together while travelling
  • Break keeps hoist from moving around when in use
  • No power required (hoist uses power from you scooter with the assistance of a small cable)
  • Easy to use switch for lifting and lowering the ribbon that holds your scooter

Using your Hercules Hoist

  • Remove the hoist from your car
  • Push the break down with your foot to lock the wheels in place
  • Unclip the strap which holds the hoist together
  • Secure the strap to keep it out of your way
  • Easily fold down both legs and lock them in place
  • Rotate the tiny motor over
  • Extend the hoist by lifting both sides
  • Release the break and manoeuvre it towards the boot of your car 
  • Position the hoist above your scooter at the boot of your car and lock the break
  • Plug the hoist cable into your scooter (the hoist is powered by your scooter battery)
  • Flick the switch to lower the hoists ribbon
  • Easily attach the ribbon to the scooters frame
  • Flick the switch to lift the scooter
  • Disengage the break with your foot and wheel scooter away from car
  • Lock the break again
  • Flick the switch to lower the scooter to the ground, unplug the power cable, done!

Folded Dimensions

Depth: 230 mm
Width: 400 mm
Height: 700 mm

Unfolded Dimensions

Depth: 700 mm
Width: 850 mm
Height: 1780 mm
Lifting height: 1500 mm

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