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  • Aeroplane approved Lithium Batteries
  • Great turning circle thanks to its innovative design
  • One-piece fold and easy lift & lean technique for loading and unloading
  • 26 weight without lithium battery
  • Adjustable Seat height
  • Adjustable Tiller height & angle
  • Weight capacity 163kg
  • Free in-home Demos
  • NDIS approved
  • Access to in-home servicing & repairs


  • Luggie Travel Scooters - How to fold and load the lightweight Luggie travel scooters



ISO Certification

ISO 13485:216, ISO 14971:2012

Adjustable Seat Height

Yes - 2 height settings

Adjustable Tiller Angle


Adjustable Tiller Height

Yes 460mm - 780mm

Anti-Tip Mechanism

Rear Anti-Tip Wheels




24V/10.5ah x 1 (Lithium)

Battery Range

15 - 23km

Battery Weight



24V 5Ah Off-Board Lithium


990 x 525

Dimensions when folded

660 x 525

Distance between armrests

460 - 620

Drive Wheel


Front Wheel


Ground Clearance




Maximum Speed





24volt 150w

Number of Components

1 + Battery

Seat Dimensions

420mm x 440mm

Seat height from Deck

370mm or 420mm

Seat height from Floor

505mm or 555mm

Seat Padding


Slope ability



Swivel Seat


Turning Radius



Solid Puncture-Proof

Weight Capacity


Weight with Battery


Weight without Battery




Product Description

The Luggie Super range features the ability to hold a higher weight capacity (163kg) as compared to the Luggie Elite range at (145kg). But bosts the same features as the Elite Range counterpart. The Super range has a wider body and seat and is slightly heavier to ensure it can support the higher weight capacity. The Luggie Scooters Range includes the below models


Elite / Super

Elite Plus / Super Plus

Elite Deluxe / Super Deluxe

If you don't require the higher weight capacity of 163kg, click here to view the Luggie Elite.

The Freerider Luggie Super comes with a lithium battery, travels up to 23km on a fully charged battery and has adjustable/removable armrests.

Armrests add weight to travel-scooter so if you'd like your scooter to be lighter for lifting and don't require them wile riding, you can easily remove them. The front tyres are placed close together, which allows for tighter turns while providing more stability than a 3-wheeled scooter. For storage space, simply check out our Luggie Accessories such as the under-seat folding basket

The Luggie range of portable scooters, also offers an adjustable seat-height, making it a perfect choice for people of the smaller stature.

The Luggie Super offers a great alternative to other portable or travel scooters. It has specifically been designed to make the process of loading and unloading it as easy as possible.  The Luggie Super can be folded in 3 different ways. While the folding process is slightly more complex than an automatic folding scooter such as the Solax Charge or Solax Transformer Soft-tail. The Surfboard-shape (once folded) and strategically placed soft roll wheels cut the loading weight in half.

The Flat Fold / Surfboard Fold Luggie Scooter - Flat folding image animation

1. Lower the tiller using the two latches

2. Pull the side lever and fold the tiller down into the locking latch on the base

3. Lock it into place

4. Lower the seat, by squeezing the big red button under the seat with one hand and lowering the seat with the other

5. Fold-down the backrest 

6. You are now ready to load your Luggie Super Travel Scooter into your car

The Quick-Fold/ Lazy Surfboard

1. Fold-down the seat by squeezing the red Lever under the seat and using your other hand to lower down the seat

2. Fold-down the backrest

3. Collapse the tiller down using the two tiller height adjustment latches

4. Lift the angle adjustment tiller and lower the tiller down until it hits the seat

5. You are now ready to load your Luggie Super

This fold is quicker than the original flat-fold method, however, because the step, which locks the tiller to the base is skipped, it means that the tiller remains loose, which needs to be taken into consideration when loading the scooter.

The Box Fold    

1. Collapse down the tiller, using the 2 latches

2. Open the latch on the base

3. Fold-down the tiller using the lever and place it into the open latch

4. Lock the tiller in place by closing the latch and securing it

5. Open the black locked latches located on the base next to the locked-in handlebars

6. Fold-down the backrest

7. Squeeze the red lever under the seat with one hand while using your other hand to lower down the seat

8. Once the seat is all the way lowered and locked in place hold the scooter under the seat and lift. This will lift up the scooter allowing it to collapse in the centre

9. Give it a slight lean to the back and the weight of the scooter will lock it into place

10. Lift up the tiller and lock it into place

11. You can now easily wheel your scooter like a suitcase 

This fold is great for travel, as it takes up less room in the boot, If you are travelling by air, remember to remove the battery before you fold your scooter. The box fold is also a great option if you are using a hoist such as the LM or LC Hoist to lift the Luggie in and out of your car.

  Using the Surfboard/Lazy Surfboard Fold    

Lift the front end of your luggie into the boot of your car and allow the back end to rest on the ground. Once the front end is in your car, bend down and pick up the back end and slide or swing this in as well. The Luggies allow for this unique lifting style thanks to their longer shape when folded and strategically placed soft castors.

This means you only lift half the weight of the scooter at a time! 

   Using the Box Fold    
  The Luggie Super has a handle, located under the seat, which can be used to lift the scooter into the car, while in the box fold. However, this fold is mainly used to lift the scooter, using a hoist as the box shape is more difficult to handle than the Surfboard shape. 

If you like the features of the Luggie Super, but it's not within your budget, then check out the Luggie Eco or Luggie Standard. These feature the same great design, but with a lower weight capacity, and the Eco has regular SLA batteries instead of Lithium.

If you are after some additional comfort and safety features, the Super Plus offers pneumatic rear tyres as well as cornering assist, which will slow the scooter down as you turn. The Super Deluxe, also har pneumatic rear tyres, but also comes with front suspension and wider spaced front wheels for added stability.

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