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Smart Lifter LM Hoist


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Key Features

  • Lifts up to 80kg
  • Can be installed into over 350 different vehicle types
  • Compatible with most station wagons, MPV's, 4x4's, vans and hatchbacks
  • Perfect for wheelchairs and travel/ portable scooters
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • Authorised WA dealer


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Product Description

The Smart Lifter LM hoist by Autochair is the smallest in our range of hoists and can lift a range of mobility scooters or wheelchairs weighing up to 80kg. Manufactured in the UK, this high-quality piece of equipment is designed to do all the hard work for you.

There is no need to take your portable scooter apart into pieces before placing it into your car.

Choose from 4 different options in the LM range. Choose from two different weight capacities, 40kg or 80kg and choose the best lifting style for you.

2-way lifting - This configuration uses a motor to lift and lower (up and down) your mobility equipment. It comes with a manual swinging arm, which can then be rotated in and out of the boot.

4-way lifting - A fully automated lift, using motors to lift up, down, in and out. requiring no physical effort apart from a light guiding motion.

  • 40kg 2 way lifting
  • 40kg 4-way lifting
  • 80kg 2-way lifting (includes spreader bar)
  • 80kg 4-way lifting (includes spreader bar)

Depending on the design of the product you are lifting you may or may not require a spreader bar.

A spreader bar is, as the name suggests a bar that is attached at the head of the lifting strap. It features quick-release attachments, to easily lift your travel scooter, electric wheelchair or other mobility aid.

As a rule of thumb, if your product is designed for travel, like the Solax Travel Range of folding mobility scooters, you won't require a spreader bar. Simply speak to one of our consultants and they will determine, which lifting method best suits your mobility device and your vehicle.

To lift your mobility device into your car

1. Fold your mobility device and position it in front of your boot
2. Use your remote control to swing the lifting arm out and to lower the lifting strap
3. Attach either the spreader bar or the lifting hook
4. Use your controller to lift your mobility scooter off the ground
5. If required, rotate the scooter so it faces into the car
6. Guide it gently with your hand and lower it down into the boot of your car
7. Secure it with the restraint system - optional extra

This can all be done in under just 60 seconds! It is quite literally the fastest most convenient way to get around. When it’s this easy, you’ll never think twice about making that extra stop to your favourite store on your way home ever again.

When your new Smart Lifter LM isn’t in use, it folds completely out of the way, offering maximum boot space for storing other items such as groceries or luggage. If you have concerns about rear visibility with the hoist in place, once your scooter is in, simply use the quick release to remove the lifting bar, this allows you to have a clear view for general driving or reversing.

The greatest benefit to having a Smart Lifter hoist installed into your car today is the fact that there is zero lifting needed by the user at any stage. You can literally let the hoist do all of the work and not have to worry about hurting yourself or inconveniencing others by asking for help. Just let the lift do the work and you can be on your way.

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