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Hi-Lo Head lift

starting from $4,800

  • Available in all standard sizes as well as custom-sizes
  • Raise the bed horizontally by 340mm
  • Raise the Head/Backrest of the bed up to 60degrees
  • Allows you to easily sit up in bed
  • Allows you to easily transfer in and out of bed
  • Free in-home Demo's
  • Showrooms in Osborne Park & Mandurah
  • 5-year comprehensive warranty
  • In-home servicing & Repairs available
  • Made in Australia, Perth


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Weight Capacity

150kg - 200kg depending on bed size.



Long Small Single (w x l)

762mm x 2030mm

Single (w x l)

915mm x 1870mm

Long Single (w x l)

915mm x 2030mm

King Single (w x l)

1067mm x 2030mm

Double (w x l)

1371mm x 1870mm

Long Double (w x l)

1371mm x 2030mm

Queen / Split Queen (w x l)

1524mm x 2030mm

King / Split King (w x l)

1824mm x 2030mm

Custom sizes



Yes - Lockable Heavy Duty optional without castors

Minimum height - floor to Base


Minimum height - floor to top of mattress


Maximum Bed height


Standard Bed Height


Maximum Lift


Leg Elevation

Can be retro-fitted

Head Lift Angle

60 degrees

Custom sizes


Bed Surround Available


Product Description

Our Hi-Lo Head lift adjustable bed has one function less than the Hi-Lo Dual lift, featuring only the head-lift of the dual-lift. It can be purchased in any size (both standard and custom-sizes) and be used as a stand-alone bed or split-bed system.
Head Lift Function This function will allow you do raise your back and head to find your perfect comfort level for a variety of different activities. It will enable you to lift it just slightly, to assist with opening your airways, or you can bring it up to nearly 60 degrees, which allows you to eat and stand-up easier as you are already seated.
Hi-Lo Function

This is a horizontal lifting function. Where the entire bed will lift up to 340mm horizontally while maintaining the current backrest/headrest angle and massage function if fitted.


The combination of these 2 functions gives the flexibility of the Hi-Lo feature that is often required when receiving in-home personal care and can significantly assist in entering/exiting the bed safely and independently.

As with many things, it's important to re-think and re-learn how to do things. This is very much true for an adjustable bed as it takes learning how to use the functions that the electric bed offers to assist in increasing independence while ensuring a high level of safety at all times.

The optimum use of these functions for getting out of bed would be as follows.

  • Raise the Backrest of your bed as much as possible. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop immediately
  • You are now seated in bed
  • Swivel your legs to the side of the bed. If required we can add a rail for assistance
  • Use the lift-function of your bed to bring you to a perched position. Ensure that both of your feet are always flat on the ground. If you use a walking aid, such as a walker ensure this is within reach with the breaks on
  • Use the rail or your mobility device to fully stand up

While most people prefer the added comfort of the leg-lift function, the hi-lo head lift option can be a great way to save a little bit of money. Some of our customers spend time before bedtime in their Recliner chairs with their feet raised and don’t feel the need to raise their feet while in bed, hence not wanting this function.

If you later change your mind and would like to add the leg-lift function, we can easily retro-fit this function to your existing bed!

Being a custom-made bed, you will still be able to choose your required bed height for optimal entering and exiting of the bed using minimal effort.

You can also choose from 6 different mattress types to achieve your perfect comfort levels. Mattresses range from plush to firm and include options for

  • Innerspring
  • Pillowtop
  • Latex
  • Memory-foam
  • Pocket Spring
  • Hospital style foam

Depending on the size of your bed, the weight capacity of the bed may vary. Please check with our friendly team to determine the weight capacity for your choices



As with all our beds, you can also choose from an extensive range of accessories and extras to make the bed best suited to what you want, and you need. Some of our most popular accessories include

  • Heavy-duty angled rail – our design, manufactured with our client's comments in mind. These heavy-duty rails allow us to bolt them to the bed base, allowing them to profile with the bed, minimising the risk of entrapment. The angled design also ensures more room for getting on/out of bed while the backrest is raised.
  • Upholstered bed surround – whether you choose an imported or WA-made bed surround, it adds additional style to your bedroom, making your bed stand-out for all the right reasons.
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