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Dual Lift Adjustable beds

Prices starting from $3,300

  • Available in all standard sizes and custom sizes
  • Relief pressure on your joints by raising the head and leg of the bed and achieving a Zero-G positioning
  • Raise your legs to assist with circulation and fluid retention
  • Raise the head of the bed to open your airways
  • Use the Head raise function to make it easier to get in/out of bed
  • Free in-home demo's
  • Australian made in Perth, WA
  • 5-Year comprehensive warranty
  • In-home servicing and repairs
  • Friendly and efficient service


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Long Small Single (w x l)

762mm x 2030mm

Single (w x l)

915mm x 1870mm

Long Single (w x l)

915mm x 2030mm

King Single (w x l)

1067mm x 2030mm

Double (w x l)

1371mm x 1870mm

Long Double (w x l)

1371mm x 2030mm

Queen / Split Queen (w x l)

1524mm x 2030mm

King / Split King (w x l)

1824mm x 2030mm

Custom sizes



Yes - Lockable optional without castors

Minimum height - floor to Base


Minimum height - floor to top of mattress


Maximum Bed height


Standard Bed Height


Maximum Lift

Can be retro-fitted

Leg Elevation


Head Lift Angle

60 degrees

Custom sizes


Bed Surround Available


Product Description

All Motobility Adjustable Beds are custom-made here in Western Australia at our Osborne Park Premises. This allows us to create a bed with all the features and functionality that is right for you. Enabling you to pay for only the functions that you currently need. Thanks to the innovative design of these WA-made electric beds, we can retro-fit any of the functionalities at a later date.
Dual-lift Function The electric-beds that are fitted with the dual lift function come standard with an easy to use 6-button soft-touch controller, which allows you to raise or lower your head/back and knees, legs, feet at the same time or individually.
Head-lift Function will allow you do raise your back and head to find your perfect comfort level for a variety of different activities. It will enable you to lift it just slightly to reach your perfect zero-g position, or you can bring it up to nearly 60 degrees, which allows you to eat and stand-up easier as you are already seated.
Leg-lift Function this function lifts your feet and legs for added circulation. Instead of lifting from the feet, it will lift from the knee, providing you with a more natural position, which reduces any pressure on your hips and spine.
Please note that we recommend lowering the feet all the way, for easier entering and exiting of the adjustable-bed.

Standard Motobility Bed Features

By purchasing a custom-made bed, you get a lot of flexibility that a regular store-bought bed may not offer some of these are listed below, for more information about what sets our beds apart click here.

This includes the ability to determine the best bed height for your needs. While standard bed heights can vary widely, from low futons to very high ensemble style beds, our standard bed heights are 550mm including the mattress; however we can raise or lower the electric-bed based on your needs, the lowest possible height for a dual-lift mechanism is 450mm high including the mattress.

The best bed height is determined by sitting on the side of the bed. In this position, your feet should be firmly planted on the ground, and your knees should be at a right angle, which means that your knees and hips are aligned. However once you make allowances for each person's abilities and strengths, we often find that it’s of benefit to create variations on the above-described position.

If you struggle to lift your legs in/out of bed, but can easily stand up from a seated position, you may want to consider a slightly lower bed as this will minimise the height you need to lift your legs.

If your main concern is getting in/out of bed by standing up from a seated position, you want to increase the bed height slightly, ensuring your feet will remain firmly on the ground to minimise the risk of “slipping” off the edge. By raising the bed, it will lift your hips to a more perched style position, similarly assisting you as a lifting chair.

If you find it hard to stand up as well as lifting your legs in/out of bed, it’s a good idea to consider a Hi-Lo Dual Lift Bed. This will allow you to have the bed made to a lower height to make it easier to get your legs in/out and then use the Hi-Lo function to lift the bed height to allow you to stand up easier.

 We can accommodate all standard bed sizes as well as custom bed sizes. Regular adult-sized beds are 203cm long, which works great if you are of average height or smaller; however, if you are quite tall, you may want to consider a bed length extension. Unlike in regular beds, where you would “scoot-up” to lean against the headboard, on an adjustable bed you push a button to get to a more upright position, which allows you to read, eat, get out of bed easier and more. As the adjustable-bed raises the backrest you sometimes slip down a bit, you can lift your feet a little to stop you from sliding, but especially if you have low core stability, you will find that you still slip down a bit, which can put the feet of tall people right down to the edge.



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