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Head Lift only

starting from $2,400

  • Raises the head/back of the bed to 60 degrees
  • Available in all standard sizes as well as custom-sizes
  • Upgrade to Leg lift and/or Hi-lo at a later date
  • Easily sit-up in bed to get in-out of bed
  • Custom bed heights available
  • Made in Perth, WA
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free in-home demo's
  • In-home servicing and repairs


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Long Small Single (w x l)

762mm x 2030mm

Single (w x l)

915mm x 1870mm

Long Single (w x l)

915mm x 2030mm

King Single (w x l)

1067mm x 2030mm

Double (w x l)

1371mm x 1870mm

Long Double (w x l)

1371mm x 2030mm

Queen / Split Queen (w x l)

1524mm x 2030mm

King / Split King (w x l)

1824mm x 2030mm

Custom sizes



Yes - Lockable optional without castors

Minimum height - floor to Base


Minimum height - floor to top of mattress


Maximum Bed height


Standard Bed Height


Maximum Lift

Can be retro-fitted

Leg Elevation

Can be retro-fitted

Head Lift Angle

60 degrees

Custom sizes


Bed Surround Available


Product Description

Head Lift Only Adjustable Beds Movement Icons

As the name suggests, our adjustable beds with head-lift only are fitted with the headlift function only. Adding just this convenient function to the bed will allow you to have breakfast in bed or get extra comfortable while reading or watching TV.

This function is also used to make getting in and out of bed easier and giving the freedom to do this task unassisted. All that needs to be done, is to use the backrest as far up as it's comfortable. From here you are already seated and all that is needed is to swing your legs around and you are already seated on the side of the bed ready to stand up.

If you need some assistance standing up, have a look at our range of bed rails or take advantage of the horizontal lift function (Hi-Lo) to help you come to a perched position, while seated on the edge of the bed. Any of these products can easily be added to the bed at a later stage if required.

If you love reading or watching TV in your bed, the Leg-lift function can do wonders to your comfort levels and can easily be retro-fitted if required or desired at a later date, effectively turning the bed into a dual lift bed

Having the flexibility to choose which functions are currently required and easily retro-fit adds a lot of flexibility and reduces financial stress as you pay for what you need/want at the time.

The head-lift only function is commonly used as a part in our split-bed systems, as it allows couples to have breakfast in bed together, watch TV together and all while individually being able to adjust the backrest to suit their individual comfort levels. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone bed in any standard bed size or custom bed size.

Having a bed with an adjustable headrest basically eliminates the need for any headboards or bed surrounds, that's why our adjustable beds don't come standard with these. If you prefer the look of a headboard, footboard or full surround, this can be added, either at the time of purchase or at a later date. Choose from stocked surrounds or design a bespoke surround to suit your taste & decor.


As with all of our adjustable beds, you will be able to choose from 7 mattresses, which are all designed and have been tested on adjustable beds. All our mattresses feature medium side supports, to minimise the risk of slipping out of bed and are made here in WA. Our mattress range includes

  • Sprung mattresses
  • Gel-infused latex mattresses
  • Gel-infused memory foam mattresses
  • Entry-level pressure care mattresses 
  • Pocket-spring mattresses for minimal partner disturbance



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