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Straight Stannah Siena

Key Features

  • optional retractable seatbelt
  • Two chair widths available
  • Swivel seat options
  • footrest fold button (optional)
  • Choose from a range of different colours

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Total Width

602mm 659mm with XL seat

Weight Capacity


Footrest to seat height


Backrest height


Seath width


Space between armrests (front)

425mm 538mm with XL seat

Space between armrests (back)

482mm 496mm with XL

Footrest width


Minimum staircase width

661mm with shortened footplate 679mm with regular footplate

Rail to wall


Total Depth


Total depth - folded


Backrest to wall (min)


Footrest to floor minimim


Footrest to floor maximim


Rails size (depth x height)

82mm x 138mm


0.1metre per second

Minimum length of rail


Maximum length of rail


Minimum rail angle

24 degrees

Maximum rail angle

52 degrees

Outside rail to wall


Spine to wall


Product Description


We want to ensure that you still make the most of your own home. That is why your Siena is tailored to suit you. You can add the options you want to go with your made-to-measure curved chairlift rail, which is custom fit to match every curve and turn of your homes staircase.

Style and comfort

The Siena offers a choice of five different upholstery colours, offering comfort and style in unison, to make your home look warm and inviting.  The Siena has been designed to be simplistic and convenient all at the same time. Settle into the comfort of Siena’s seat, click your easy-to-use seatbelt closed, or leave it undone if you prefer, and use the controls to go up or down your stairs.

Easy to use

Your Siena is built to offer safety and total ease-of-use. The Siena offers a fold-away chair feature -all you have to do is fold the arms, then fold the seat, the footrest is attached to the seat and automatically folds up with it. Use the removeable key to lock you Siena away from curious children. The Siena offers even more options with either a manual or a one or two-way powered swivel seat that allows your chair to turn to face the hall or landing, which makes getting out of your Siena that much easier.

True comfort and safety in one

We take great care to ensure your chairlift is safe and comfortable. This is why the Siena was designed to include a selection of helpful features to ensure you feel comfortable using it.

Below are the benefits and features common to the Stannah Siena for straight stairs.

1. Comfortable and stylish chair The Siena features a well-cushioned backrest with generous support and a padded seat covered in hard-wearing, fire retardant vinyl. The upholstery comes in your choice of five colours to match your décor.

2. Easy-to-use controls Use the controls to move your Siena in the direction you wish to go. 

3. Folding options (Manual) The footrest folds up automatically with the seat. Simply fold the arms, then the seat and you’re all done, or select the optional powered footrest instead.

4. Swivel levers and options The manual or powered (optional) one, or two-way swivel is designed to allow you to enter and exit your Siena as safely as possible when you reach the top or bottom of your stairs. This feature is great for more narrowed hallways.

5. Safety edges. The footrest and carriage of the Siena has safety sensors which detect obstructions such as a toy, pet or any other household clutter, and automatically stop the chairlift. The lift can then go back in the opposite direction so that the obstruction can be removed.

6. Seatbelt options The seatbelt is retractable and can be fastened with the use of only one hand. A range of other seatbelt designs are also available for you.

7. Arm Isolation This safety system ensures your Siena does not move until the armrest nearest the bottom of the staircase is completely lowered.

8. On-off switch Easy to use and easy to see, on and off switch.

9. Powered footrest Our powered footrest (optional) folds or unfolds on its own, which is ideal for you to enter or exit your chair with the footrest out of your way.

10. Adjustable seat height Ensures your chairlift seat, and footrest height is positioned ideally to ensure you are completely comfortable. This is done during the installation phase.

11. Two chair widths The Siena comes available in two different sizes, regular standard arm width and an XL arm width which allows for more support to suit other body shapes.

Step-by-step guide to using your Siena

A stairlift should go beyond the functional. That means making it beautifully simple and operate intuitively.

1. When your Siena is not in use, it can be folded away easily, giving you more space on your stairs for others.

2. Once you’ve unfolded your Siena, feel free to take a seat.

3. Move the controls and the Siena gently takes you upstairs or downstairs.

4. When you arrive at the top, you can swivel your Siena so you can get off safely.

5. When you’re not using your Siena, it can be used in the swivel position as a safety barrier, or it can be folded up against the wall.

6. You can send or receive your Siena using the wall mounted control, to either end of the stairs.

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