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Key Features

  • thinnest single rail style available on the market
  • Self centreing seat
  • Minimum intrusion start for minimal disruption
  • Reverse drive technology
  • Incline finish (the rail for the last step is fixed to the tread not the landing)
  • available in a range of different upholstery options including leather, vinyl and fabric
  • Comprehensive Warranty and Aftersales service
  • Approved distributor and Installer
  • Free measure and quote


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Total Width


Weight Capacity


Footrest to seat height


Backrest height


Rail width


Space between armrests (front)

430mm straight arm rests

Space between armrests (back)

430mm straight arm rests 360mm curved arm rests

Footrest width


Total Depth


Total depth - folded


Backrest to wall (min)


Footrest to floor minimim


Footrest to floor maximim


Minimum length of rail


Maximum length of rail


Minimum rail angle

0 degrees

Maximum rail angle

75 degrees

Outside rail to wall


Product Description

The thinnest single rail worldwide.

Otolift has been manufacturing stairlifts for over 45 years and make the world’s thinnest single rail stairlift. As a family company, Otolift offers the care and attention that you don’t always get from other companies. Did you know that on Monday to Fridays, one Otolift is being installed somewhere in the world every 9.5 minutes? That says a lot about Otolift’s quality and ingenuity.

Typically curved stairlifts are customised to fit your stairs, but with Otolift Modul-Air, this concept is a thing of the past. Otolift have pre-made unique coupling pieces that your technician can fit together, which means you receive your stairlift faster than you would when ordering a customised lift. These pieces were created with the user in mind and are designed to fit every staircase worldwide, even stairs in public buildings with unique curves and impossible angles. Have piece of mind that your rail will fit perfectly, as Otolift’s thin design hugs every corner of your staircase closely so that when not in use, plenty of space is left for others to use the stairs safely at all times.

A perfect solution for every staircase

The Otolift Modul-Air is ideal to be installed along the narrow or wider side of your stairs and is screwed to your stairs, not attached to your wall. Almost nothing will change on your stairs, which means that once installed, the sleek, thing rail will hardly be seen as it doesn’t stand out like other duo-rails. Even with spiral staircases, the Otolift Modul-Air can easily adapt to the most demanding stairs by following each curve discreetly.


Otolift Modul-Air offers the best in space saving and ingenuity by encompassing an automatically folding footrest in their chair’s as standard, so you don’t have to bend down and do any lifting. An optional automatically rotating seat is available, which turns the chair towards the hall or landing when you enter or exit the stairs. The optional reverse drive technology allows the seat to partially or entirely reverse. This means that if you wish, you can be lifted up your stairs backwards instead of facing side-on. This particular piece of technology is useful with narrow stairways where going up or down the stairs side-on, may result in bumping your knees against the opposite wall or handrail. Don’t have a narrow staircase? Otolift’s single rail sleek design still offers the most discreet look available.

Your Otolift features a wireless controller that can call or send your chair up or down the stairs. This feature is excellent for multiple users or if you wish to store your Otolift at the top of the stairs when not in use. The optional seatbelt if available for added safety but is not required to use to operate the chair. Once you reach the top or bottom of your stairs, the optional swivel seat rotates you help you exit or enter your chair as safely as possible. Your Otolift is fitted with sensors that detect obstacles on your stairs, bringing your chair to a quick but gentle stop. Operating your lift couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the user-friendly controls fitted. A short start is available where the thin rail can still reach the bottom of your stairs without blocking an immediate doorway. When not using your lift, simply fold the handles and seat up and the automatic footrest will fold up as well, allowing for the smallest amount of space possible to be used by your chairlift.


Your new Otolift Modul-Air offers upholstery options in a range of fabric, synthetic leather and real leather options. Choose from ten contemporary colours options suitable for any home. Even your rail can be done in crème white, light grey or pale brown.

The 7 Advantages

1. Your hand rail can still stay in place

2. The wide side of the stairs remains free

3. Thinnest single-rail in the world

4. Super compact seat

5. Automated swivel seat

6. Automatically folding footrest

7. Fixed to the stairs

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