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Curved Stannah Solus

Key Features

  • One step fold, flip up the seat or the arms and the footrest will follow
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Easy to use swivel levers
  • Safety Edges
  • Choose from woven, leather on vinyl upholstery
  • Free measure and quote
  • In-home servicing and repairs
  • Trained technicians and installers


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Total Width


Weight Capacity

135kg (120kg with powered hinge)

Footrest to seat height


Backrest height


Seath width


Rail width

44.5mm (x2)

Space between armrests (front)


Space between armrests (back)


Footrest width


Minimum staircase width

704mm short armlength setting 724 medium armlength setting 747 long armrest setting

Rail to wall


Dual rail distance at 0 degrees


Dual rail distance at 52 degrees


Total Depth

679mm 629mm with shortened footrest option

Total depth - folded


Backrest to wall (min)


Footrest to floor minimim


Footrest to floor maximim



0.12metres per second

Minimum length of rail


Minimum rail angle

0 degrees

Maximum rail angle

52 degrees

Outside rail to wall


Spine to wall


Product Description


We understand that every staircase is unique with its own twists and turns, angles and landings.  This reason is exactly why Stannah custom-create the perfect curved rail to fit your home for your Solus. Only a custom rail will hug every corner of your staircase snuggly, giving you ample space and a visually appealing product. Stannah offer a wide variety of upholstery options for your Solus, including the Stannah Collection with its unique fabric choices.

Modern looks to match your home

With its sleek design and stylish seat in a range of contemporary fabrics, vinyl and leather, the Solus will fit your home exactly as intended. It’s practical and intuitive to use as well. Just take a seat in your supportive chair, fasten your seatbelt and guide the controls in the direction you’d like to go, and your Solus Chairlift will carefully lift you up or down your stairs.

The Solus has also been selected to provide a new contemporary European inspired selection of Fabric choices. It features six designs which can make a real statement piece in your home.


1. Style and Comfort The Solus offers the ultimate in comfort, with a cushioned upholstered seat and back. Your Solus is available in a wide range of different fabric, vinyl and leather choices, as well as the Italian-designed Stannah collection fabrics. With this broad range of colours and fabrics to choose from you will be sure to find the perfect choice to suit you home.

2. Intuitive controls, removeable key and adjustable arms The technicians will happily adjust the size of your Solus armrests for added comfort during the installation process. Operating your Solus couldn't be simpler. Your chairlift will start gliding you along the rail and up or down the stairs, simply by moving the controller in the direction you wish to go. To ensure your Solus remains safe and unused by visiting children, the soft-touch-controls also double as a key. This allows you to lock your stairlift without the requirement for an actual physical key.

3. Removable link bars* and one-step fold away
The link bars can be removed if required so as to access the seat from the side to slide or transfer onto your chairlift from a wheelchair. Keep in mind that this would eliminate the automatic fold-away footplate. The arms, seat and footplate are linked, so all you have to do is lift the arms or the seat and the footplate will fold up by itself.

4. Easy-to-use swivel levers Use the standard easy-to-operate manual swivel lever, or for those with how find using their hands more difficult, use the optional two or one-way powered swivel to get off your stairlift into the safest possible position before exiting the chairlift.

5. Safety edges The footrest and carriage automatically detect obstructions on your stairs using safety sensors. This brings your Solus to a gentle, yet safe stop, ensuring that your Solus doesn’t get stuck or jammed in the middle of your stairs.

6. Easy-to-use seatbelt  If you like, feel free to use the seatbelt, which fastens easily with just one hand, to keep you even safer while using your Solus.

7. Seat safety sensor Your chairlift is designed not to move until you’re safely seated comfortably in your Solus.

Features of the Stannah Solus stairlift for curved stairs

Dimensions & Measurments

Solus Curved Stairlift Measurements

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