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Curved Stannah Starla

Key Features

  • Available in a large variety of woven and vinyl upholstery- Choose from light wood, dark wood or no trim
  • Seat load sensor
  • Safety Edges
  • Easy to use controls
  • Approved Distributor & Installer
  • Free Measure and Quote
  • Comprehensive Warranty


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Total Width


Weight Capacity

135kg (120kg with powered hinge)

Footrest to seat height


Backrest height


Seath width


Rail width

44.5mm (x2)

Space between armrests (front)


Space between armrests (back)


Footrest width


Minimum staircase width


Rail to wall


Dual rail distance at 0 degrees


Dual rail distance at 52 degrees


Total Depth

679mm 629mm with shortened footrest option

Total depth - folded


Backrest to wall (min)


Footrest to floor minimim


Footrest to floor maximim



0.12metres per second

Minimum length of rail


Minimum rail angle

0 degrees

Maximum rail angle

52 degrees

Outside rail to wall


Spine to wall


Product Description


Stannah understands that every curved staircase is different, all possessing their own unique combination of angles, corners and landings. For this reason, we have custom designed the curved rail on your Starla, measuring so that it fits your stairs perfectly. Customise your Starla even more by selecting your choice of rail and chair colour, all adding up to your perfect customised stairlift.

Stylish and space-saving

The Starla chairlift offers you the ultimate in flexibility. Choose from a selection of five different all-fabric or all-vinyl seats and add on a contemporary dark or light wood trim. If you enjoy simplicity, go with no trim at all, the choice is completely yours. Enjoy the support of Starla’s comfortable seat, clip up the easy-to-use seatbelt and glide up or down your stairs by simply nudging your controller. It’s that easy.

Safety features created with you in mind

The Starla has been built with nothing but your complete safety in mind. It has a seat-load sensor that knows once you’re seated so as to prevent it from moving until you’re seated comfortably on your chair. Your Starla folds away neatly when not in use so as to not take up added space in your home. The seat offers total comfort with a high padded back and slightly angled seat to help keep you in your seat. To keep curious children from playing with your Starla, simply lock and take out your removeable key. You can also select a one or two-way swivel seat, which allows you to exit the chair by turning to face the hallway or landing. Your Starla also has an obstruction sensor which senses when anything is blocking its path and stops before itself automatically.

Rails that follow every twist and turn
The elegant design of each
Rails that follow every twist and turn

Your curved made-to-measure rail glides neatly around every corner of your stairs while keeping in line with the harmony of your home. The twin-tube design makes the rail incredibly stable and strong while the rails slimline profile leaves plenty of space on the stairs for others to use them safely. The track is also fitted to the stairs instead of the walls and the rails can be fitted to either side of your staircase, depending on your preference and the space in your home.


1. Comfortable and safe
The seat offers a high supportive back for total comfort with a slightly upward angled seat for added safety.

2. East-to-use-controls
The new, slimline control makes Starla’s use completely effortless.

3. Plain or wood – trimmed upholstery
Select from a range of vinyl or fabric with your option of dark, light wood or no trim.

4. Easy-to-use swivel levers
Use the manual easy-to-operate swivel lever or feel free to use the optional one or two-way powered swivel to exit your stairlift in the safest position.

5. Easy folding
Your armrest, footplate and seat neatly fold away leaving ample of space on your stairs.

6. Arm Isolation
Keeps your Starla from operating via the control until the armrest nearest the bottom of the staircase is lowered entirely. 

7. On-off switch

8. Optional powered footrest
The optional powered footplate is ideal, especially if you have difficulties raising your feet to get onto your stairlift.

9. Seatbelt
Your optional, retractable, secure seatbelt fastens easily with one hand.

10. Seat Load Sensor
An smart sensor keeps your Starla from moving until after you’re fully seated.

11. Safety Edges
If any obstructions are detected on the stairs, intelligent sensors will stop your Starla automatically.

Dimensions & Measurments

Stannah Starla Stairlift Measurments

Your step-by-step guide to using your Starla.

1. When your Starla is not being used, the seat can be folded up against the railing or wall at the top or bottom of the stairs to offer more space to other users.

2. Unfold your Starla and make yourself comfortable in your seat.

3. All that’s required to move your Starla is a gentle movement of the controls.

4. When you arrive at the top of the stairs, swivel your Starla around so you can get off safely.

5. Rotate your Starla to create a safety barrier or fold it away neatly to offer additional room on your stairs for others.

6. The wall-mounted remote control allows you to send and receive your Starla to either enter of the stairs. This offers complete freedom to move around your home independently.

Stannah Stairlift - Upholstery and Rail options

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