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Scooterpac All Weather Canopy

  • Attached through rear accessories bar
  • Compatible with front baskets, thanks to the easy access hatch
  • Sides can be removed for summer use
  • Hard plastic front screen for better visibility
  • Free in-home demo's available
  • Designed in the UK
  • Thorough compatibility check


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  • Scooterpac all weather canopy for Mobility Scooters - An Overview




XL: 1280mm x 600mm x 1200mm

Dimensions when folded

XL: 180mm x 630mm x 960mm

Heaviest Part

Total weight: XL: 13kg

Maximum Speed

Max wind speed of 40mph


may need to be removed or adjusted to fit within the ScooterPac

Number of Components

2 (Canopy and Cover)



Available Sizes

Standard & XL

Main Material

Waterproof Nylon, Perspex & Powder Coated Aluminium

Product Description


The Scooterpac is the perfect solution for those who heavily rely on their scooter and wish to use it all year round, rain or shine. The material is a thick waterproof polymer with a lightweight aluminium frame and a windscreen offering high clarity. The windows easily fold down whilst inside, this makes quickly accepting your coffee without getting out of your scooter that much easier. The canopy comes in two sizes and features universal fittings so that it will fit nearly any scooter that’s currently on the market.

When not in use, your Scooterpac can be easily stored by folding it up at the back of your scooter. Place the cover over top to keep it safe and clean. You can also use your canopy in hot weather by unzipping the sides and folding them away. This will keep the front and top of your scooter and you protected from the blistering sun.

Using your Scooterpac All Weather Canopy

  • Slip off the canopy cover
  • Unfold the canopy by extending it over your scooter
  • Secure the end of the canopy to the front lower bar of your scooter using the provided strap
  • Unfold and zip closed both sides (both doors are already partly attached making zipping them up that much easier)
  • Hop in and off you go!
  • Unzip your window from inside whenever you like without needing to get out
  • Detach the doors entirely during summer for added protection from the sun


  • Unfolds in seconds
  • Keeps you safe from rain, hail, snow or intense sun
  • Fold it away in seconds
  • High visibility windscreen
  • Easy zip-up doors
  • Can fold windows down without needing to get out
  • Fits nearly any scooter
  • Comes in two different sizes with universal fittings

Please note that our all-weather canopy fits most scooters, however, as this accessory ads extra weight to your scooter, we recommend the canopy for medium to large scooters only.

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