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Quingo Plus

Product Code: LS3000

Key Features

  • Innovative & Patented 5-wheel design
  • Stability of a 4 wheel scooter, yet maneuvrability of a 3 wheel machine
  • Large Pneumatic Tyres
  • Well suited for use on footpaths and in shopping centres
  • Ergonomic design for added comfort
  • Quintell Kerblimbing technology
  • Authorised Dealer
  • Access to in-home servicing & Repairs
  • Comprehensive 12-months warranty


  • Quingo Plus - An overview of this 5-wheel medium mobility scooter by Quingo



ISO Certification

7176:2008,7176-5:2008, 7176-7:1998, 7176-2:2012, 7176-11:1992

Adjustable Armrests


Adjustable Backrest


Adjustable Headrest


Adjustable Seat Height


Adjustable Tiller Angle


Adjustable Tiller Height


Anti-Tip Mechanism

Yes + Anti Beaching




12V 50Ah x2

Battery Range

Up to 48km


Automatic Off Board 5Ah


1270 x 650 x 1160

Distance between armrests

450mm - 630mm

Drive Wheel


Front Wheel


Ground Clearance


High / Low Speed Selection



headlights, tail lights, indicator lights and hazard lights for safety

Maximum Speed

10km (to comply with Australian standards)


Yes - one mirror


400W 4-Pole

Seat Dimensions

480mm - 440mm

Seat height from Deck

450mm - 550mm

Seat height from Floor

600mm - 700mm

Seat Padding


Slope ability

12 degrees


Front Inegral Lever Arm Coil Springs Rear Independent Coil Spring

Swivel Seat


Turning Radius




Weight Capacity


Weight with Battery


Wheel to Wheel


Product Description

The Quingo Plus is an upgraded model of the Quingo classic, featuring everything we love about the Classic and the 5-wheel Quingo design plus additional comfort and usability features, such as high and low-speed selection, a broader range and a large adjustable captain seat. The Plus is classed as a medium-sized mobility scooter but can outperform many other large gophers. However, thanks to the 5-wheel design, it still allows for the same maneuverability that you are used to from smaller 4-wheel models. 

About the Quingo Plus

The Plus is a very comfortable gopher with an easy to use dash that puts all necessary controls at your fingertips. It comes with a full lighting package, including front, rear, indicator and hazard lights as well as a horn.

Thanks to the travel range of up to 48km per charge and it’s 159kg carrying capacity the Quingo Plus scooter is well suited for your local shopping centre as well as longer trips to visit family and friends. You will be surprised by the unique driving experience this scooter offers, thanks to it’s patented design.

The innovative and unique 5-wheel design provides the answer to many problems that users of regular 4-wheel and 3-wheel mobility-scooters may experience.

A four-wheelgopher is stable but can lack leg room if you are tall, have long legs or suffer from hip and knee pain that restrict movement. Having insufficient leg-room can result in cramps and discomfort after prolonged use. Thanks to the 5-wheel design of the Plus you won’t have to worry about this, as the unique design allows for substantially more space than regular scooters. The design and angle of the footplate in conjunction with the correct seat height and positioning will help you achieve an ergonomic driving experience and keep you comfortable even on long trips.

While 3-wheel scooters provide solve the turning circle issue and provide ample legroom, they are known to be substantially less stable. Thanks to the front wheel set-up of the Quingo range, you can now achieve a turning circle similar to a 3-wheel scooter while enjoying safety features as advanced or even more advanced than a traditional 4-wheeled mobility-scooter.

The Quingo solves all these issues thanks to its innovative 5-wheel design. 

Quingo Specific design features

Quintell Active Tri-Wheel Steering System
Helps to achieve an excellent turning circle.

And anti-tipping and anti-beaching technology, which helps to minimise the risk of tipping.

Quintell Adaptive floating floor plates
Allows for a more ergonomic posture.

Quintell Self Centering Steering
Making the movement of turning a deliberate action.

Quintell Shock Absorbing Smartbumper
Reducing the impact and any damage thanks to the give in the bumper

Is this scooter right for me?

The Quingo Plus is the right scooter for you if you require a lot of support and tend to use the gopher for longer journeys, but also want the versatility of using it inside shopping centres and IGA’s. The Plus is also a great choice if you live in an area with uneven footpaths or challenging to navigate kerbs.

If you love the 5-wheel design but want more power and more comfort have a look at the Quingo Vitesse, one of the larger Quingo models, with additional features and performance. If you like the specifications but aren’t convinced by the design features, you should consider the Kymco Midi, a stylish, easy to use medium mobility scooter with a 4-wheel design.

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