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Mobility Scooters vs Electric Wheelchairs, Which One Is Right For You?

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09 September 2021

Mobility Scooters vs Electric Wheelchairs, Which One Is Right For You?

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Mobility Scooters vs Electric Wheelchairs, Which One Is Right For You?

Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs have many similarities and differences, but the number one thing you should consider when choosing between the two is where you’re going to use them. 


An electric wheelchair has a shorter turning circle and a shorter wheelbase than a scooter, allowing you to maneuver in and out of small rooms and through narrow doorways. This lets you nearly pivot to one side to grab that last dish you forgot on the counter before loading it into the dishwasher. 

On the other hand, Scooters have a longer wheelbase, giving them a wider turning circle, which means they take up more space inside your home. However, they are perfect for the footpath, getting to and from the shops, or going to the park. If you have a travel scooter, they include plane safe lithium batteries, meaning you can take them on your next holiday.


For comfort, medium to large-sized scooters are great for long-distance travel due to their car like suspension, and fully adjustable seating, whereas travel scooters are designed for getting you from A to B. 

On the other hand, our E-traveller electric wheelchair range has adjustable tension straps in the seat and backrest, and they use comfortable contoured cushions. You can even purchase a special pressure relieving cushion for added comfort when using your chair for more extended periods. 


Some tyres are solid, and others are air-filled pneumatic. You can’t, of course, puncture a solid tyre. In comparison, pneumatic tires have the added benefit of a more comfortable ride which is perfect when driving on bumpy terrain. Both electric wheelchairs and scooters use both types of tyres, so ensure you select a product with appropriate tyres for where you’ll be taking your mobility equipment.


Our electric E-Traveller wheelchairs fold in one step, whereas others, such as the Supa Scooters, pull apart into manageable sized pieces when it comes to portability. These pieces can then be placed into the boot of your car or taken on your next flight! Portable scooters also pull apart into pieces, and their weight is relatively comparable to those of electric wheelchairs.

Additional Storage

For storage, most electric wheelchairs have a small compartment under the seat and some chairs even allow for an added shopping bag to be added onto the back. Depending on the scooter you have, you can add a front basket, under-seat storage, or even a rear shopping bag. 


Lastly, wheelchairs operate with a joystick controller. This joystick, however, offers immediate response, whereas scooters use an acceleration paddle. Both are great options for anyone who has limited dexterity in their hands. 

Overall electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters have many similarities depending on the product you choose. Both can travel long distances; they can run on lead-acid or lithium batteries, and as long as you’re comparing like for like, both are comparable in weight capacity and price. 

For more information on what’s best for you, give us a call today at 08 9242 7333 to book a free demonstration.

For more info, visit our website: www.motobility.com.au.

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