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Is the Quingo Flyte Mk2 Compatible with my car?


01 February 2022

Is the Quingo Flyte Mk2 Compatible with my car?

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The Quingo Flyte Mk2 is the only self-loading mobility scooter on the market. Furthermore, it offers better safety, performance and comfort features than any other scooter currently available in Australia!

To find out more about these features, click here 

But is it compatible with your car? The good news is that it will fit most hatchbacks, SUVs and station wagons. 

Unfortunately, some cars and boots aren't compatible with the Quingo Flyte.

  • Sedans 
  • Extra high SUV's and 4x4's
  • Vehicles with split boots 

To check if your vehicle is compatible, we recommend you carefully measure your existing vehicle and check it against the table below. You will see that some measurements are missing the "Required Space" values. This is due to the fact that these depend on some of the other measurements. However, If you give us all the measurements below of your vehicle, we can check these internally and let you know if it will be a fit!

Alternatively, you can bring your car to one of our Showroom Locations and we will measure the car for you and/or fit the docking station to see if it will work. If this is your preferred option. Please call ahead and make an appointment!

  Description Required Space
A Floor to Load Lip (the highest part of boot opening) Up to 820mm
B Load Lip to Boot Floor Level (Flat Area)  
C Load Lip to Roof Level (Lowest Part of the opening) Min 720mm
D Width of the Load Lip (Inside of boot to outside of bumper) Up to 200mm
E  Rake of Bodywork Or Angle from "A" (Outside Bumper to vertical clearance)  
F  Inside Load Lip to Rear Seat (Seat Forward Position) Min 1360mm
F1 Inside Load Lip to Rear Seat (Seat Back Position)  
G  Boot Floor Level (Flat) to highest part of folded seat when in down position  
H Internal Opening size (from inner arch or moulding - smallest dimension)  Min 830mm
I Tailgate opening size (smallest measurement across rear of opening)  Min 830mm 

Regardless of which option you choose, we always recommend that you organise a test drive and demo of the Quingo Flyte before making any decisions. It's important for you to feel comfortable with the scooter, the operation and the steps required with loading and unloading the scooter. 

You can view a detailed guide on how to load and unload the quingo flyte on the video below. Keep in mind while it may look confusing to start with, it will quickly become second nature. 

For more information regarding the Quingo Flyte, click here or read through the FAQ's. This will take you to the product page on our website, which will show you more videos, specifications and information on the unique features of the 5-wheel Quingo Flyte. 

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