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Seven Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobility Scooter


10 August 2021

Seven Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobility Scooter

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Seven Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobility Scooter

When we buy something, we don't just put it in our shopping bag and immediately pay for it at the counter. When we shop, we weigh things up and consider several factors and compare before we purchase. So if we buy something for long term use like mobility scooters, what are the things we should consider?

Which Type of Mobility Scooter Suits My Needs?

When you're buying a mobility scooter, it's going to be for a long time. Thus, you must choose one that suits your needs. Do you have problems with assembling your scooter? Are you a tech-savvy type that likes to use a smartphone? Ask yourself and assess your capabilities. This method will help you figure out which kind of mobility aid would help you achieve your independence. 

Where Will You Be Using Your Scooter

A great question to ask yourself is, 'where will I be using my scooter most of the time?' Will it accompany you on your travels and cruise? Will it take you to shops for running errands? Also, consider the environment around your neighbourhood. Is it paved with asphalt roads, or do you deal with several different terrains? 

Count Your Wheels

Speaking of terrains and flat roads, the environment you're in will help you decide whether to go with a mobility scooter that has three, four or five wheels. The most common type of gopher comes with four wheels, while the most three-wheeled scooters are lightweight. There are also scooters with a five-wheel design for agility, safety and comfort. 

Conduct Your Research

Doing research will help you pick the right mobility scooter for you. There are a lot of resources online that is readily available. You may also check the provider's social media pages and Youtube channel so you can source more information and see the scooters in motion. 

Get A Free Demo And Try The Scooter

And if you have decided on which brand or model to take, go ahead and contact the scooter provider and ask if they offer a free demo. It's a deal-breaker, especially when you see and use the scooter in person. 

Talk To Experts To Help You Decide

The best place to start is by speaking with an expert. You may talk to an occupational therapist for advice. You may also talk to the experts from your mobility scooter providers and ask for their professional opinion and input on which scooter suits you best. 

Get Add-On Accessories 

Consider getting add-on accessories to maximise the full potential of your mobility aid. If you like going around town to run errands or to have picnics with family, you may opt for a collapsible basket or a rear bag. If you're always on the go with your travels, an extra battery in tow would definitely go a long way. 


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