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The struggle of accepting help and mobility aids

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29 June 2022

The struggle of accepting help and mobility aids


While climbing stairs is good for your health, they can quickly become an obstacle when you suffer from sore joints, fatigue or balance problems.
Unfortunately, we are stubborn, and admitting that something is getting hard, even to oneself, can be extremely difficult. I think it's because we feel that admitting that we struggle and need help or assistance feels like defeat, and accepting this help or putting measures in place to make it easier often feels like giving up. Giving up hope that things will improve and resigning yourself to a bleak future ahead.
But this is not true. Think about how often you have observed friends and family falling into this self-destructive pattern, and as an outsider looking in, the solution often seems very clear. Accept the help and continue to enjoy your life with everything it offers!

This has never been more true than when it comes to mobility aids!

I have been working for Motobility for over seven years, and we often see adult children trying to convince their parents to try one of our products. The tension in the room is palpable because their mum or dad doesn't want the product, and it has obviously taken many arguments and possibly months of "work" to get their parent to our showrooms. But that moment when the parent decides to give it a go and the look of relief, comfort or poor joy is absolutely everything! I have noticed this when people realise they can finally get out of bed unassisted again thanks to an Adjustable Bed or when they can finally take their dog for a walk in the park again on their mobility scooter.

But my favourite moment in my seven years was when two siblings brought their mum and her dog to look at mobility scooters. Mum didn't even want to enter the shop, but the kids persisted. But she outright refused to sit or try a mobility scooter. We took three mobility scooters into the carpark, and her son, daughter and I were hooning around the carpark amongst many laughs and giggles. Mum eventually waved down her daughter and jumped on her scooter. She drove 5 meters, turned around with the biggest grin and told us, "Why didn't you tell me it would be this easy from the start?!" We all burst out laughing. Mum refused to get off the scooter until we loaded it in the car's boot.

I often think about this moment and apply it to many situations in my private life. Whenever I feel uncomfortable or insecure about trying something new or giving something a go that puts me outside of my comfort zone, I think of this stubborn lady and that smile of pure joy. If she, at 80years of age, could do it, so can I, and so can You!

Keep in mind you always have a choice, and only you can make a choice for the better!

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