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Six Fun Activities Seniors Can Enjoy On Weekends

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24 June 2021

Six Fun Activities Seniors Can Enjoy On Weekends

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Six Fun Activities Seniors Can Enjoy On Weekends 

Times are changing and so are the things we do during our spare time, especially during the weekends. So we listed some things that seniors and their families can enjoy on weekends. 

Stroll In The Park 

Get your mobility scooter ready and head to the nearest park. It will give you the time to chit-chat, and it allows you to leave your home and get some fresh air. In addition, this will enable you to keep up with the kids when you have a travel scooter in tow. 

Pack A Picnic Lunch

Take your family bonding to a whole new level with an organised family picnic. You can set it up in the nearest park or even in your garden. What's good about having family picnics is that it can keep you busy by planning your menu and even organising fun activities to participate in. Tell stories and reminisce about funny and crazy things from your past. Usually, grandchildren love to know about how it was when grandma or grandpa grew up.

Bond Over Exercise

At our age, we must move and exercise regularly to keep ourselves healthy and fit. There is plenty of light and low-impact exercises that we can do with the family, like brisk walking, yoga, swimming, interactive video games, etc. 

Try Cooking And Baking

Challenge your creativity while bonding with loved ones in the kitchen. Learn new recipes and experiment with different techniques. It is also an ideal moment to pass on some heirloom recipes to the younger generations. Indeed, creativity, nostalgia, and togetherness can be powerful supplements and remedies for the aging body and mind. 

Engage In Art 

Creating art together will not only give you quality time, but it will also help you boost your mood and improve your cognitive skills like critical thinking, memory and attention. Also, it alleviates negative emotions and helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. There are many forms of art that you can do together as a family, like painting, sketching, photography and more. 

Sing Songs and Play Instruments Together

Just like doing art, playing music with your grandchildren not only brings back happy memories, it can help you calm your nerves. According to studies, music helps seniors improve their moods, promotes socialisation, and impacts overall mental and physical health. Meanwhile, did you know that singing is instrumental in enhancing the brain function of those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and aphasia? So not only will singing put you in a good mood, but it will also help give you more confidence. 

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