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How to Choose the Right Lift & Recline Chair

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01 May 2024

How to Choose the Right Lift & Recline Chair

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As we age, our muscles get stiffer, and our joints can begin to ache. Making previously easy tasks, such as sitting down or standing up, more complex and even turning it into a chore. If the body's stress doesn't get reduced, it will get too much for the body and result in extremely high pain levels that can drastically reduce our mobility. It is essential to look for ways to lessen our bodies' stress levels before it gets to this stage and limit the activity or activities causing the stress. A great way to assist with this is to use a lift and recline chair; these chairs are fitted with an electric motor that lifts the chair, bringing you to a perched position, where your hips are higher than your knees, assisting you in sitting down and/or standing up easily.

Size Matters

When choosing the correct chair, getting the right size is very important. Keep in mind that while these reclining chairs are designed to be functional and practical, they also have to be comfortable. The below outlines how you can check and make sure the chair is the correct size. But don't worry too much, all Motobility staff are fully trained to advise you on picking a chair that is the right size for you.


Seat Height

Ensure your feet can reach the ground comfortably and your knees aren't higher than your thighs.

 Seat Width

This is where professional opinions and the "comfort feel" can often clash. We are all creatures of habit. Some of us may like to feel snug on a chair by feeling the sides against our hips, where others want to reserve a place next to them for their pet, favourite book, or blanket. However, professional advice is that there should be a small space on either side of the body to avoid rubbing. However, the chair should be snug enough, so the armrests are located directly under the shoulders.


The footrest should end around the ankle. A footrest that is too long will push your foot forward and cause strain on your ankles, while a too short footrest will result in your feet hanging off the footrest and a lot of pressure being distributed to your calves.


Seat Depth

The seat of your chair should support the length of the buttocks and thighs. The front edge should be curved, ending two or three finger widths behind the knees to avoid pressure behind the knee. If you pick a too deep chair, your back won't be supported, and you will end up slouching while in the chair. On the flip side, if the chair isn't deep enough, there will be too much space between the chair and the back of your knees, resulting in your legs not being supported correctly, and you will find that once the footrest is raised, it will be too short for you.

Furthermore, getting a chair that is too high or too deep could lead to injuries. As the chair lifts, your feet must be touching the ground at all times. If they don't, the lifting function can cause you from sliding off your chair. It's also a good idea to have mobility aids such as walkers, rollators or walking sticks within reach.


Armrests on a lounge chair or electric recliner should support you under the forearm and hand. They need to be firm enough to help you push up against them to enter or exit your lifting chair.


Supportive Backrest

There are many different shapes and styles of backrests on riser chairs. The main thing to note is that the backrest should be designed to support the spine's natural curves. It is also vital to have neck and head support.



While many of our customers want a very soft chair, it's recommended that lifting chairs should be on the firmer side. This is, so it is easier to stand up and sit down, and it also promotes good posture while seated. However, it is essential to note that if you suffer from pressure sores or are at risk of getting them, it is important to mention this to advise you about the best options.


Keep Your Home Beautiful

Your house is your home, and we want to make sure that you love it and feel comfortable in it. That's why we offer a range of different materials, including leather, vinyl, soft-touch fabric and waterproof options to help you find a chair that suits your décor.

You can choose a chair from our current selection of stocked chairs, get a bespoke wa-made chair made to your measurements, or if you fall in love with a stocked chair, but just want it in another colour, we can re-upholster it for you in your choice of fabric all at our Perth warehouse & workshop!

It's also important to note that these chairs will require access to a power outlet, so it's advisable to place them in a corner or near a wall to avoid the risk of tripping over a power cord. Keep reading below about which chairs are best suited to tight spaces.

The different types of chair will require different amount of space, so keep reading on to check which chair will fit best into your home.

Choosing The Right Lift

All our electric lounge chairs will assist you in standing up.

However, they all recline differently and offer various benefits. Which lifting chair is right for you will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. We highly recommend a visit to our showrooms in Osborne park, Mandurah or Joondalup, to trial the different chairs and find the right option for you!

1. The Wallglider - A single-motor chair available as a stocked/imported option (3 sizes) as well as a WA-made custom option.

2. The Bed Chair - A Dual motor chair available as a stocked/imported option (3 sizes) as well as a WA-made custom option. This chair is also available with a weight capacity of 180kg, which is a custom-made chair option.

3. The Lumbar Chair - A 4-motor chair with an electric adjustable headrest and lumbar support available as a stocked/imported option only in medium and large, with the possibility of re-covering to match your decor

4. The Zero Gravity Chair - a 3-motor chair allowing you to tilt the chair for additional comfort and pressure management. Available as a stocked/imported option only in medium and large, with the possibility of re-covering to match your decor

5. The Swivello Chair - Available as a stocked/imported option in medium only, offering a 360 degree rotation, which locks during the lifting process. Available in leather only. 

6. The Imani Chair - an imported dual motor chair in a modern, sleek design available in 2 sizes (medium & large) and finished in genuine leather.

7. The Veneto Chair -  an imported dual motor chair in a modern, sleek design available in medium only finished in genuine leather.

8. The Configura Chair - a highly customisable imported chair, perfect for users with more complex needs. 

Below you will find a detailed description of each chair and how they differ.

1. Wallglider, Single Motor Lift and Recline Chair also known as a wallhugger

Our Wallglider or Wall hugging lift and recline chairs are powered by one motor. They offer the below main benefits

1. They are straightforward to operate thanks to the simple two-button remote
2. They can be placed up to 10cm close to the wall as they will glide forward as they recline, perfect for small spaces
3. They follow a sequence of motion that allows you to sit in an upright position with your legs raised as well as recline to a 45-degree angle
4. Available in 3 sizes with an adjustable neck cushion
5. Available as a stocked imported version or a WA-made custom chair

2. Dual Motor Bed Chair Lift and Recline Chair

As the name suggests, our dual motor lift and recline chair, the Bedchair allows you to recline the backrest for a fully horizontal position

1. Control the backrest entirely independently from the footrest, allowing you to choose from a vast number of various positions
2. Available in 3 sizes and two different styles of backrests
3. Available as a stocked imported version or a wa-made custom chair

3. Lumbar Support Chair Lift and Recline Chair

Our Lumbar chairs are bed chairs with the added benefit of two motors, which allow you to adjust the headrest and the Lumbar support to achieve the highest level of comfort.

1. Additional motor to adjust the lumbar support of your chair
2. Additional control to adjust the headrest of your chair
3. Control the backrest entirely independently from the footrest, allowing you to choose from a vast number of various positions
1. Available in 2 sizes in a contemporary design
2. Available in leather or fabric (stocked)

 4. Zero-Gravity (Zero-G) Lifting Chair

The Zero Gravity lifting chair offers the same functions and features like the bed chair with a tilt function, allowing you to move the centre of gravity and achieve an extremely high leg position.

1. Zero-G motor allows you to tilt the chair while adjusting the backrest angle to achieve ultimate comfort
2. Achieve an extra high leg lift in a seated or reclined position
3. Control the backrest entirely independently from the footrest, allowing you to choose from a vast number of various positions
4. Removable zip able seat, armrest, backrest and leg rest cushions for additional flexibility
5. Available in 2 sizes and contemporary design

5. The Swivello Chair

The Swivello Chair is a modern, sleek chair with an extra-long footrest and a 360-degree swivel function. It features two motors which allow for individual backrest and footrest adjustment. Although a dual motor chair, the swivel doesn't allow for a full recline.

  1. Swivel function that locks when lifting
  2. Manual adjustable headrest
  3. magnetic remote
  4. Include in build battery back-up, which allows for operation without needing to be plugged in
  5. Extra long footrest
  6. Available in Medium and Leather only

6. The Imani Chair

The Imani chair is an imported chair that comes in leather and two sizes, medium & large. It features a slim & sleek design and dual motor operation.

  1. Sleek design
  2. Dual motor operation for independent control of backrest and legrest
  3. Allows for full recline
  4. Available in leather only
  5. Available in Medium & Large

7. The Veneto Chair

Based on the same design principles as the Swivello, the Veneto offers a fixed base, but a very modern and sleek design with a dual motor which allows for a tv recline but not a full recline.

  1. Moderns & sleek design
  2. Dual motor for individual backrest and footrest operation
  3. Available in medium & leather only

8. The Configura Chair

 The Configura Range of chairs is our newest addition of Lift and Recline chairs and developed to cater to complex and changing requirements. Available in 3 sizes, these chairs allow for maximum customisation through a clever design.

  1. Many adjustability features, including footrest length, seat width, seat height, backrest contour options
  2. Dual Lift motor with full recline
  3. available in 3 sizes + bariatric option
  4. In-built alternating air cushion or customised cushions can easily be achieved
  5. Choose from a large range of accessories
  6. Non-sheer, breathable water-resistant fabric.
  7. Available in Cream and black


Motobility stocks a wide range of imported and WA-made lifting chairs in Osborne Park, Joondalup and Mandurah's stores. We also offer free in-home demo's for the Perth Metropolitan area and WA regional areas such as Bunbury, Busselton, Geraldton or Jurien Bay.

If you choose a WA-made option, we ask you to allow around 4 weeks from the time of order until delivery. 

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