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Best Accessible Destinations in WA 2021 - Part 2 Rottnest Island


19 January 2021

Best Accessible Destinations in WA 2021 - Part 2 Rottnest Island

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Part 2: Rottnest Island

This is the second instalment of our blog series, discussing a bunch of great accessible holiday destination in regional WA, all within a days drive of Perth. In our last article, we focussed on Kalbarri and the new Kalbarri Skywalk. For our second post, we will head WEST. I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now. We will be heading to Rottnest Island!

The Destination:

   Rottnest Island

Are you missing an “overseas holiday” catch a ferry to Rottnest Island! Most visitors and WA residents have visited Rottnest at some time or another. Rottnest is constantly changing and evolving

The Quick Facts

• Only 45min by fast ferry

• Go for a day or stay for a while

• Explore the township or the wider island

• Check out all the new venues that have recently opened

• Be nice to the Quokka’s

• Find out about all the accessibility information

• https://www.rottnestisland.com/the-island/visitor-services/disability-access

including wheelchair hire, accessible chalets and more

Enjoy the Journey:

Depending on where you choose to depart from the journey on the Ferry takes less than an hour. Get there early to allow ample time to get organised, make sure you grab a coffee and a snack to enjoy while you sail away from the WA coast.

During your Stay:

Rottnest is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy nature. 2 Newley opened accommodation options in addition to the existing favourites provide ample choice to suit different requirements and budgets. Make sure to book in advance as demand is at an all-time high.

There are plenty of things to do for people of all abilities, you can hire a bike or electric bike, jump on the bus or use your own Mobility Scooter to explore the island. While most beaches aren’t accessible via Wheelchair or Mobility Scoter, there is ocean access via a ramp into the water at Thomson Bay, north of the Visitor Centre. Get in touch with the visitor centre to find out about other beaches that can be reached without having to navigate steps or too long paths.The township has a range of different food and beverage options, public toilets and historical sites to keep your feed and entertained. If you are an early bird, you can take advantage of being able to watch the sunrise over the ocean, we recommend Pinky’s Beach. if you don’t enjoy too much hustle and bustle, try to plan your trip during the week and outside of the school holidays.

Motobility Tip:

Did you know that you can take your mobility scooter with you for free? Simply speak to the friendly staff of the Ferry company of your choice. Ensure your scooter has a rear-shopping bag. This is perfect for carrying all beach-gear, snacks and a few cold drinks

Best Products:

Regardless of your abilities or how adventurous you are feeling, we will be able to find the right product. 

Just a little bit of assistance: If you just want that little bit of extra help getting around, have a look at the Tallboy rollator, which features a light-weight collapsible design and has an adjustable seat and handle height. 

Help to explore the township: Do you prefer the convenience of the bus to explore the island as a whole, but want to be able to move around the township independently. Have a look at our Mini Comfort. It comes with a comfortable seat, puncture-proof tyres and front & rear suspension. It is also portable, so it will be easy to take to the port of your choice. Being slightly larger and a 4-wheel scooter it offers additional comfort and stability on the rougher pavements on Rottnest island.

The independent Rottnest Explorer: Rottnest has many hills and the roundtrip is around 50km in length. We would recommend a large scooter, such as the Multi, Maxer or Quingo Toura 2  or a large-medium scooter such as the Kymco Agility. While we wouldn't recommend you trying to do the entire island on a single charge, the larger motor will give you more power to get up the big hills and the extended range will give you a lot of flexibility on where you want to explore for the day. The roundtrip around the island is 50km.

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