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Our Range of Mobility Equipment


If you have a disability that restricts your movement, or you're recovering from an injury, mobility equipment can be a life-changing purchase that helps you regain your independence and freedom.


At Motobility, we make and supply all types of mobility equipment in Perth from our store in Osborne Park. We know our equipment range inside and out, so our friendly team can help you to find the best mobility solution for you or a loved one.


Whether you're looking forbasic walking aids, a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get you where you need to be or lifts to improve access in your home, get in touch today on 08 9242 7333 to talk to your local specialists.


Find what you need in our mobility equipment range


Our comprehensive stock of mobility equipment and accessories includes:



Read more about all of these solutions below. We also supply adjustable electric beds and lift and recline chairs to give you the support you need at home.


Electric Mobility Scooters


Choose from one of the most extensive ranges of mobility scooters in Perth. We have scooters and electric gophers in all sizes and capacities from trusted brands including Kymco, Quingo, Solax and SupaScoota.


Travel Mobility Scooters


Lightweight and easy to fold or take apart and store, travel scooters typically come with lithium batteries approved for air travel.


Portable Mobility Scooters


Pull-apart or self-loading scooters for indoor and outdoor use, convenient for carrying or transporting in the boot of a car.


Medium Mobility Scooters


The comfort and safety of a large scooter on a more manageable scale, suitable for malls and wheelchair-accessible public transport.


Large Mobility Scooters


Car replacement scooters with more range and carrying capacity, large tyres and sophisticated suspension to handle rougher terrain.


Mobility Scooter Accessories


Browse our range of branded and customisable accessories to enhance storage, comfort and safety in your scooter.


Manual & electric wheelchairs


A self-propelling or powered wheelchair is more manoeuvrable than a scooter for indoor use and can be more comfortable when sitting down for long periods. Motobility provides folding wheelchairs and accessories in Perth.


Manual wheelchairs


Available in regular or large sizes, manual wheelchairs are suitable for more active users or may be pushed by someone else.


Mobility Electric wheelchairs


Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and accessible public transport, most powerchairs have plane-safe lithium batteries for ease of travel.


Mobility Wheelchair accessories


We supply a wide range of compatible accessories for wheelchairs including LED lights, headrests, cushions and storage solutions.


Rollators and walking aids


Our range of non-motorised mobility equipment is expanding and includes walking sticks, rollators, knee walkers and other lightweight and portable disability aids to help you walk independently and comfortably.




Underarm or forearm aluminium crutches can take the weight off one or both legs to aid with injury recovery or other disability.


Walking sticks


Folding and height-adjustable canes with optional LED lights and single, tripod or quad points to give you the stability you need.




Walking frames improve stability and lower the risk of falls to aid people with general leg weakness to walk independently.




Our range of light and foldable wheeled walkers can be adjusted to any height and feature armrests, lockable wheels and rest seats.


Stairlifts and platform lifts


Motobility has one of the most diverse ranges of mobility lifts in Australia. We source our stairlifts, lifting platforms and other lifts from a number of trusted suppliers, including Lehner, Oto and Stannah so we can provide options to cater for different needs.


Straight stairlifts


Slim and unintrusive personal lifts with a range of chair options designed for use on straight stairs with no intermediate landings.


Curved stairlifts


We supply uniquely hand-crafted Oto and Stannah Stairlifts if you need a lift that can travel around corners or bends.


Outdoor stairlifts


Straight or curved stairlifts for your porch, driveway, backyard or other outdoor areas so you can come and go with ease.


Platform lifts


Lifting platforms by Lehner Lifttechnik to carry wheelchairs, rollators, walking frames and prams up and down stairs safely.




Hoists for wheelchairs and scooters take the strain out of loading mobility equipment in and out of your car and help you retain your independence. We supply portable and built-in hoists for all sizes and weights up to 200kg.


Portable hoists


A temporary lifting solution for portable scooters or wheelchairs for vehicles you don't own or don't wish to modify permanently.


Automated hoists


Automatic hoists can be installed as permanent additionsto your car and be usedfor different scooters or wheelchairs over time.


Reasons to buy mobility equipment from Motobility


Formerly known as Bluesky Healthcare, Motobility is today one of the leading suppliers of mobility equipment in Perth and Western Australia. When you choose Motobility to provide your disability equipment and accessories, you can expect:


  • Quality products– we supply the most trusted brands of mobility equipment in Australia and overseas. Unlike most suppliers, we also manufacture custom solutions in our own workshop.


  • Registered NDIS provider– our staff can tell you if you're eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and help you to make a claim.


  • Free home demonstrations– make sure you're buying the best mobility equipment for your needs with in-home test drives of scooters and wheelchairs and demo beds.


  • Mobile servicing and repairs– our technicians can repair mobility equipment in your home and conduct annual servicing to prevent problems before they happen.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff– our team know our product range well and we can recommend the ideal equipment for your needs.



Mobility equipment supplier near me in Perth & WA


To talk with your local mobility experts in Osborne Park, give us a call today on 08 9242 7333 or contact us with your details so we can tell you about our productsand current offers.

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