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Become a Motobility Franchisee

Why Become a Motobility Franchise Business Partner?

Picture a journey where your entrepreneurial aspirations meet the support of a dedicated partner – that’s the Motobility Franchise promise. Entering a sector promising financial growth and social impact, franchisees become agents of positive change, enriching the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

All good franchise systems provide the formula for a successful business and Motobility is living proof of that success. You can be confident in the concept, but as ever in franchising, the onus for success rests in the hands of the individual franchisee, achieved through compliance, quality management and the will to succeed.

Industry Growth Opportunities

Australians with disabilities is seeing rapid growth, with projections aiming to benefit 500,000 individuals by 2024. As demand for aged care services and equipment surges, the Australian Government Department of Health estimates a projected expenditure of 1.1% of GDP on aged care by 2050. This underscores the need for innovative solutions to enhance the lives of the elderly.

The escalating demand for assistive technology due to Australia’s shifting demographics presents a compelling investment area. The consistent upward trajectory of the ageing population proportion since 2017 necessitates accessible solutions.

The expansion of the NDIS underscores the importance of advanced assistive technologies, further validating the market’s significance.

Social Impact

This dynamic landscape aligns seamlessly with a Mobility Aid franchise opportunity. By addressing evolving market needs and contributing to societal inclusivity, franchisees bridge the gap between innovation and accessibility.

Franchisees should seize this opportunity to become a part of a growing market that combines business potential with social responsibility, ensuring both financial success and the satisfaction of knowing they’re making a positive difference.

What’s Included?

Our National Office is your steadfast ally, managing crucial services so you can concentrate on steering your franchise towards triumph. Motobility will assist you as much as possible to achieve your financial goals and calculate your ROI (Return On Investment).

1 Marketing and Branding
2 Systems and CRM
3 Accounting and Bookkeeping
4 Staff Management and HR
5 Training and Support
6 Planning for Profitability
7 Products and Pricing

Marketing and Branding


Motobility is already a strong Brand in Western Australia, and we intend to carry the brand name through the whole of Australia using the same marketing exposure that has worked so well for us over the years.
The Motobility brand has been growing steadily over the past years and in each new location the name quickly becomes known in the locality. This is owing to the unique concept and quality product.


With the Motobility strategy for advertising and promotions, the brand name will become nationally recognised further securing our credibility ensuring ongoing success.
Motobility will carry out most of the marketing for branding and promotional activity, using our tried and tested marketing mix. You don’t need to do the marketing other than some local activity to support your local community, but this is at your discretion. However, we will ask for all franchisees to contribute their assistance into the ongoing improvement of our marketing plans and strategy.

With National Office by your side, we will harness both traditional and digital marketing prowess. From crafting an unmistakable brand identity to executing captivating campaigns in newspapers, expos, and TV, we’re also well-versed in digital domains. With SEO, Google Adverts, and engaging digital content like how-to guides, videos, and images, we’re here to elevate your franchise’s online presence and broaden your customer base.


We have been operating for over 10 years and have documented our systems and operations, and this is the formula that we will train you and your people in performing.

Motobility is dedicated to providing franchisees with the most advanced tools and systems to ensure a customer-centred, smooth approach to business operations.
One of our key assets is our powerful CRM system, Creatio. We’ve invested significantly in selecting and customizing the system to meet the unique needs of our business and provide Motobility with a competitive edge.

Creatio is the cornerstone of our operations, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities that empower our franchisees to excel. As showcased on Creatio’s website, this innovative CRM delivers cutting-edge features such as intelligent lead management, automated processes, and seamless customer engagement.

With Creatio, our franchisees can efficiently manage customer relationships, track leads, automate sales, care for any after-care and servicing needs, and provide personalized service that exceeds customer expectations.

The National Office will run the Marketing campaigns through the same CRM, ensuring seamless integration and a 360-degree view of all contact engagement at any given time.

This dynamic CRM ensures that Motobility franchisees have the tools to build lasting connections and deliver outstanding mobility solutions. It is an indispensable asset in our commitment to a customer-centred approach.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bid farewell to accounting hassles and financial uncertainties. Our National Office takes the reins, managing your accounts and receivables meticulously. Your financial journey becomes smooth sailing, allowing you to focus on navigating the path ahead.

Steer clear of payroll complications and accounts payable confusion. Our adept accountants at the National Office ensure your franchise’s financial stability remains unwavering. With these concerns managed, you’ll have more room to accelerate your business’s growth.

We will also do your bookkeeping. Giving you more time to focus on your customers and growth. All this giving you financial Peace of Mind. Creatio has been seamlessly integrated with our Accounting Software, Xero. Xero has been selected as the accounting system of choice due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface and robust features.

While The National Office will look after all franchisees’ accounting, bills receivables and bills payable, Xero’s cloud-based platform allows franchisees to access their financial data anytime, anywhere, ensuring flexibility and convenience in managing their business operations. This accessibility is especially beneficial for franchisees who may need to oversee multiple locations or are frequently on the go.

Additionally, Xero’s scalability aligns perfectly with the growth potential of Motobility franchisees. Xero can effortlessly accommodate increased transaction volumes and more complex financial needs as their businesses expand, ensuring long-term support and adaptability.

Staff Management and HR

Recruitment challenges are a thing of the past. The Motobility National Office collaborates with you, from crafting compelling ads to sifting through applicants. Our recruitment expertise ensures that you build a stellar team ready to drive your franchise forward. Tanda, integrated with Xero and specially tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, offers substantial benefits for Motobility Franchisees.

With Tanda’s comprehensive workforce management tools, franchisees can streamline their staff scheduling, attendance tracking, and payroll processes efficiently. This cloud-based platform offers real-time visibility into employee data, enabling franchisees to make informed decisions and optimize labour costs effectively.

Additionally, Tanda simplifies compliance with labour regulations and helps eliminate scheduling conflicts, ensuring smoother operations and improved staff satisfaction. As Motobility Franchisees continue to grow and manage their teams, Tanda’s user-friendly interface and customized features will prove instrumental in enhancing staff productivity, reducing administrative overhead, and ultimately contributing to the success of the businesses.

Training and Support

This industry demands absolute care and empathy for our customers and there are Government regulations that need to be adhered to. The Government NDIS requires that all parties participate in the training programmes. We will assist you find and register for these courses, for both you and your staff.

You will undergo initial training both in classroom and on the job, you will need to visit our National Office in Perth to undergo some initial training, and the rest will be at your new premises helping you get started. There will also be regular ongoing training and industry updating. You will have access to all departments of our business using all the usual methods of communication, as well as the cloudbased operations manuals. There will be field support and visits from senior management on a regular basis.

The following training and support is provided by the Motobility National Office:
1. Six-week training program.
2. Ongoing training at regular intervals.
3. Operations and Training Manuals.
4. Regular visits from our Area Development Manager who will provide advice and assistance.
5. National and regional franchise meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to:
  A. Keep our franchisees informed
  B. Further Education
  C. Receive feedback and ideas to improve our systems and marketing
  D. To network as a team and create unity


One of the most important elements of running a successful business is good planning. Motobility is passionate about planning and as part of our system, assist and train the franchisees in business planning and budgeting.

As a prospective franchisee, it is important that during your due diligence, you create a business plan and assess your potential profitability. Motobility will assist you with the following:
1. Pro Forma Business Plan
2. Financial Modeller Template
3. Historical Data from our existing outlets
4. Indicative expenses

Using these disciplines, you will provide direction and goals for your franchise business. You will also be able to calculate your potential profitability.

Our Area Development Manager will assist you in the monitoring and checking of your plans to ensure that you are on track or if you need to make tactical changes. Planning will be ongoing with revisions each year based on history and future projections.

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